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 AALL Annual Meeting

Minutes - September 3, 2009


Aletha Honsowitz, Janet Hedin, Fran Krempasky Mark Heinrich and Clare Membiela met via conference call.
Absent: Elise Keller, Anne Hudson

PRESIDENT'S REPORT - No report from Clare.

SECRETARY'S REPORT - No report from Fran.

TREASURER'S REPORT - No report from Anne.

Library of Michigan Statement: Janet is almost finished with the Library of Michigan statement and will submit them to the Board for approval via email. She will also send out the information about the rally to be held at the Capitol on Sept. 10, 2009.

Joint CALL/MichALL Meeting Update: Clare has 1:00 conference call regarding programming including a possible preconference workshop. She suggested that MichAALL might propose an “American legal research for foreigners” session as a pre-workshop session.

The joint CALL/MichAALL meeting will be at their May meeting in Windsor at CALL’s annual meeting held at Ceaser’s Casino, May 9th-12th 2010.

Clare is fairly certain that MichALL could have its own “day” for our MichALL meeting, including holding our own Business meeting. We need to decide what kind of programming we want to have at the meeting. Janet suggested that we try and arrange for a AALL speaker to come as a speaker, which could be one of our programs and CALL members could also attend it.

Fran and Janet can work on program proposals. Clare will get membership list to see what members might be interested in working on this. Janet said she would send out proposals for this.

Fall Dinner: Janet suggested Glibert & Blakes and the Kellogg Center as possible restaurants for our meeting. She will check on costs and report back to the Board.

The Board selected a date for the dinner: October 14th, with the Board meeting at 4:30 p.m.

Possible Initiatives for the Year: Clare suggested that we add another educational session to our meeting, include a technical services session to appeal to TS Law Librarians to be held in February or March 2010. Topic of session could be on copyright and hold it via a webinar. Janet noted that AALL has grants just for this purpose. Ruth Dukelow was brought up as a possible speaker. This would be a good program because it would also appeal to TS librarians and staff.

Janet noted that MichAALL is due a free membership from AALL for one of our members to cover registration for the AALL conference.

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