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The Presidents of MichALL

Georgia Clark 1976-77
Charles B. Wolfe 1977-78
Linda Schweizer 1978-79
Peter Schanck 1979-80
Emelyn House 1980-81
Kathleen Friedman 1981-82
Duncan Webb 1982-83
Marjorie C. Wilcox 1983-84
Charles B. Wolfe 1984-85
Bernice C. Frank 1985-86
Lane Fichtenau 1986-87
Peter Kempel 1987-88
Byron D. Cooper 1988-89
Virginia Wise 1989-90
Lorraine Lorne 1990-91
Janice Selberg 1991-92

Judith Anspach 1992-93
Marianne Maher 1993-94
Mary Lou Calvin 1994-95
Kathryn Vance 1995-96
Randy Diamond 1996-97
Jan Bissett 1997-98
Shannon Mitchell 1998-99
Kathleen Gamache 1999-00
Joan Byerly 2000-01
Mary Karpinski 2001-02
Duane Strojny 2002-03
Jeanne Stuart 2003-04
Michael Samson 2004-05
Pat Parker 2005-06
Larissa Sullivant 2006-07
June VanWingen 2007-08

The Michigan Association of Law Libraries (MichALL) was formed on 9/16/1976 at a meeting held in conjunction with a meeting of the Michigan State Bar Association in Southfield, Michigan. (55 Michigan Bar Journal 819 (1976)).

At that time a steering committee chaired by Georgia A. Clark, Wayne State University, was formed. Georgia became the first President. The first meeting of the new organization was held on 3/9/1977 at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. The chapter was incorporated in the State of Michigan on 10/1/1981. MichALL became a chapter of the American Association of Law Libraries in the early 1980's.

The membership represent academic, law firm, court, bar, public, government and corporate libraries. Detroit, Lansing and Grand Rapids are well represented with the remainder of the membership distributed throughout the state of Michigan.

MichALL holds an annual meeting in the Spring. The Board meets bimonthly. Both educational programs and a business meeting are conducted at the annual meeting. Education programs have covered a broad variety of areas of law librarianship. MichALL has held several joint meetings with Ohio Regional Association of Law Libraries, and has participated in the regional meeting in Albany (1987), Chicago (1989) Columbus (1992) Toronto (1996) and Milwaukee (1998)

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