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Syndication and aggregation through RSS

MichALL web site syndicates its news via RSS feeds. RSS stands for:

  • Rich Site Summary
  • Really Simple Syndication
  • Really Salvation (from) Spam?

RSS is an XML language that, when used in combination with specialized software packages called RSS aggregators or News aggregators, allows a user to subscribe to a web site and receive real time quick summaries whenever the site is updated.

Please use Internet Explorer ONLY to read several web articles (2.3 MB, mht format) on syndication & aggregation. RSS is considered to be 'the web at its best!'

You could experiment with RSS feeds using a server/web based aggregator like BlogLines. To do this open an account with www.bloglines.com and give it a try for a few days. This is the easiest way to get hooked with this simplest form of an XML web service.

Most web sites that publish an RSS feed (syndicate their content) are usually identified by the use of words like "syndicate this site" followed by a tiny orange box or button labeled "RSS" or "XML." By clicking the RSS/XML button your web browser will take you to the XML page (all cryptic code). In order to add the site's RSS feed to your reader (aggregate site's content), you have to copy the web "address" (URL) of the RSS/XML page and paste it into your reader's subscription area. The software will then automatically retrieve and display that site's latest news/updates (RSS feeds)

To subscribe to this site's RSS feeds (aggregate its news) please click on the icon (top navigation pane) and cut and paste the '.xml' page's URL into your news reader subscription area.

For the basic RSS/XML file requirements click here to get a template. The RSS/XML file (text file with an '.xml' extension) should be placed on the web server in the same place (folder) where the site's home page resides.

Happy aggregation!

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