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 AALL Annual Meeting

The Michigan Association of Law Libraries held its annual meeting on May 21, 2004 at Wayne State University.  This year the program was offered free of charge to members in good standing.  The program “From ICLE to LLMC:  Digital Legal Resource Initiatives in Michigan and Beyond” was attended by 47 of our 89 members, and featured digitization projects by The Institute of Continuing Legal Education and the State Bar of Michigan, The Law Library Microform Consortium, The State of Michigan, the Wayne State Libraries Photo Archives and GPO. The discussions centered on the effects of these projects on access to information, as well as on time, costs and efforts involved in selecting the appropriate technology and digitization formats.  The meeting ended with a tour of the law school and law library.

Membership in MichALL remains fairly constant.  A committee is being formed to assess the needs of the MichALL membership and find ways to increase the association’s relevancy. Our goal is to strengthen the association through increased members’ participation and by offering programs and services of interest to all members.  As a step towards meeting this goal the MichALL newsletter is now available in print, via email, and on the website, which now also provides RSS (xml) feeds. The website is a major tool in improving communication and services to the membership.

MichALL officers for 2004-05 are: Michael Samson, President; Pat Parker, Vice-President/President Elect; Barbara Bonge, Treasurer; Christopher Bloodworth, Secretary; Larissa Sullivant and June Van Wingen, Members-at-Large.

 Submitted by Jeanne I. Stuart, 2003-2004 MichALL President

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