latest news

Holiday Lunch

Our annual holiday lunch will be December 10! Contact Brian Barnes for details.

Digital Initiative

We will hold a working group on new digital initiatives at Tulane Law Library. Contact Amanda Watson for more information.

Scholarship Winners

Congrats to Claire Ruswick and Susan Gualtier on winning the 2015 NOALL Scholarship!

New Managers

Megan Garton will serve as our new Listserv manager. Many thanks to Jenny Creevy for her service!
Sara Pic will serve as our new website manager.

NOALL Scholarship

A $500 dollar professional development scholarship is available. Please use this form to apply: Scholarship Form

New Officers

Brian Barnes has been elected Vice President/President Elect.
Lindsay Glasner has been elected Secretary.
Brent Hightower remains treasurer and Amanda Watson begins her term as President.
Many thanks to Katie Boudreaux for her service as secretary and Susan Jones for her service as President!