NOALL Meeting Minutes
5th Circuit Library
November 17, 2006
Present: C. Billings; G. Chadwick; M. Childs; M. Erickson; C. Gaudin; A. Hale-Janeke; B. Hightower; R. Mahoney; L. Manchester; A. Middleton; P. Musso; F. Norton; C. Wagar. Also present: Eric Krieger and Tara Lombardi, LSU SLIS students and student workers at the Law Library of Louisiana.
President’s Report:
Fran applied for and received an AALL educational grant. He bought a digital recorder. We can record speakers at NOALL meetings, and, with their permission, post a podcast of the presentation on the website for those who missed the meeting. Educational grants are still available, and Fran encouraged the membership to apply. Fran will get inexpensive liability insurance for NOALL through AALL.
Fran wasn’t sure whether Susan Fox’s departure and replacement with Steve Ligda would affect conference planning. Carol said that there shouldn’t be a difference. Supreme Court Law Library personnel changes were noted. Charlie Gaudin was hired as a technical services librarian in October; Katie Nachod will begin as the reference/electronic services librarian December 11. Approval of Minutes: Minutes from last meeting approved.
1. Library Aid Committee– Marie reported that the Committee has been communicating via email and that they plan to meet. Marie had an offer of mainly superseded statutes. She said the committee should focus on specific needs and monetary donations rather than accepting donations as they come.
2. Treasurer’s Report– Etheldra will send out an update to the listserv.
3. LAC Report– Carol summarized the recent LAC meeting. One looming problem is the lack of a comprehensive conference schedule. It is hoped that a full schedule will be soon forthcoming. The excursions don’t have an exact date because the schedule hasn’t yet been released. Since there will be no association luncheon, the VIPs currently don’t have a time to be recognized. Mike Whipple is working on setting up a reception of some sort for conference VIPs. The Hospitality Committee is working on the various guides, and they are coordinating with Brian (Publicity) and Amy (Website). Carol has been working with Jody Halter at Accent on Arrangements for the closing banquet arrangements. There will be a second line procession at the beginning of the banquet, with a brass band and all NOALL members (as well as SEALL members) as costumed revelers. There will also be Mardi Gras floats. Carol asked if NOALL could contribute towards the materials for making the table centerpieces. Pascal the Pelican was introduced as the New Orleans meeting mascot. He will appear in photographs with NOALL members having fun in the city. The photos will be posted to the conference website. Carol asked the Bucktown All-Stars to be the band for the dance. They are saving the date. Their fee is $4200, to be taken out of the $5500 budget for entertainment. Mike hopes to raise $10,000 so that the LAC has funds to do more than the minimum allowed by the official budget. Amy said that the conference website will be posted by the end of the year. She said that French Quarter Tours is allowing the LAC use of its photos in exchange for having a link to their website on the conference website. Carol said to make sure that French Quarter Tours is the company in charge of the excursions to avoid a conflict.
4. Resource Bank– Fran wants to develop a list of restaurants, etc. to be posted on the website. The resource bank will be available to NOALL members if any AALL attendees ask where they can go out to eat or shop.
Old Business:
All present voted to increase NOALL dues to $25.00, effective June 1, 2007. There will be a vote at a later date on how much money to donate to the LAC, after determining how much money has been raised and what the NOALL budget looks like.
Jennifer Dabbs is in charge of this year’s Christmas lunch. Further details are forthcoming.
Meeting adjourned.



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