NOALL Meeting Minutes
Friday, January 19, 2007
U.S. Fifth Circuit Library

Minutes from the last meeting were approved. Dues will increase to $25.00 for regular members.
Chapter VIP–Fran would like to have a chapter VIP for the AALL conference this year. Suggestions included U.S. Fifth Circuit judges, J. Burton LeBlanc of LeBlanc Waddell, Professor Yiannopolous, Professor Houk, Professor Dombilashian, or Louisiana 4 th and 5 th Circuit judges. Fran asked for any suggestions to be emailed to him and he wants to be finished with the process by April.
Joint BRALL Meeting–Fran still intends to have a joint meeting with BRALL in the near future.
Membership Committee–Jennifer said that everyone who wants to join has joined but the committee has not yet gone outside of the library community to solicit new members.
Resource Bank–Fran reminded the group to submit suggestions for restaurants and other venues to Amy so that she can post on the annual meeting website.
LAC Update–All members of NOALL will be asked a few weeks before the conference to make centerpieces for the tables at the closing banquet. All members will be revelers, so start thinking about a simple costume that can be put on quickly. Fran asked that we try to gather a lot of beads, cups, doubloons, stuffed animals, and other favors at Mardi Gras for the registration table.
Meeting adjourned.



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