NOALL Meeting Minutes
March 24, 2009; Tulane University Law School Library
Guest Speaker: Dr. Charles R. Figley, Ph.D.
Hosts: Tulane University Law School, James Duggan, Charlotte Bynum and others
Marie Erickson – Law Library of Louisiana
Ruth Mahoney – Law Library of Louisiana
Miriam Childs – Law Library of Louisiana
Kim Glorioso – Tulane
Charlotte Bynum – Tulane
Gig Roth – Phelps Dunbar
Jennifer Dabbs – Phelps Dunbar
Jennifer Creevy – Law Library of Louisiana
Amy Schwarzenbach – Loyola
Tara Lombardi – Law Library of Louisiana
Charlie Pearce – 5th Circuit Court of Appeals Library
Todd St. Pé - 5th Circuit Court of Appeals Library
Amy Hale-Janeke - 5th Circuit Court of Appeals Library
Brent Hightower – Adams and Reese
Francis Norton – Loyola
Georgia Chadwick – Law Library of Louisiana
James Duggan – Tulane
Carla Pritchett – Tulane
Barbara Matthews – Tulane
Katie Nachod – Law Library of Louisiana

The meeting was opened with a brief introduction by James Duggan, AALL President and Director of the Tulane Law Library. A light lunch was served. Special thanks to Charlotte Bynum for coordinating the event was conveyed by Mr. Duggan.
Charles Pearce, the newly appointed Director of the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals Library was introduced and welcomed to NOALL.
Dr. Charles Figley was introduced as the day’s guest speaker. Dr. Figley led the group in a very interesting presentation and discussion of the hidden problem of compassion fatigue. Many examples were given on how compassion fatigue effects different professions. Professor Figley engaged the attendees and led a discussion of examples of compassion fatigue among law library staff.
Some of the ideas that members of the group discussed as ways of minimizing compassion fatigue and other work related stressors included:
Exercise, having fun hobbies outside of work, pets, wine, Carnival time, music, dance, massages, journaling, and making sure we receive more than 7 hours of sleep per night.
Dr. Figley ended the discussion by giving us his contact information and an invitation to contact him in the future if we would like. Dr. Figley’s contact information can be found at http://charlesfigley.com/ .

Respectfully submitted,

Brent Hightower
Adams and Reese LLP
NOALL Secretary






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