NOALL Meeting
March 28, 2006
Louisiana Supreme Court

President Nona Beizenherz called the meeting to order. She started off by thanking Catherine Lemann for hosting the NOALL holiday party at her parents’ home on St. Charles Avenue in December. It was the first opportunity NOALL members had to meet face to face after their libraries had started to reopen.

Nona announced that NOALL Secretary Cathleen Buzzetta had moved to Houston so Georgia Chadwick volunteered to take notes.

The next meeting will be held at a date to be determined in May, and Blythe McCoy, Manager of Library Relations of West Publishing, will be making a presentation. The NOALL annual business meeting will also be held and nominations for Vice-President/President Elect, Secretary and Treasurer are welcomed as elections will be held at the May meeting.

The president reported that Georgia Chadwick had proposed to the NOALL board that in light of the 2007 AALL Annual Meeting to be held in New Orleans, NOALL should participate in the Chapter VIP Program. Chadwick recommended that NOALL send Bill Johnson director of the New Orleans Public Library to the AALL Annual Meeting in St. Louis. The public library has a collection which is only available from them so is an important resource to local law librarians. The cost is estimated to be about $1000. The board agreed and Chadwick sent a letter to Mr. Johnson and he is taking a week to determine if he will be able to attend.

Catherine Lemann had received an email from the local Special Libraries chapter asking local library groups to contribute $50-$100 to help bring Enma Fonseca, a marine sciences librarian from Cuba, to the United States to attend a meeting of the Southeastern Affiliate of the International Association of Marine Science Libraries and Information Centers (SAIL) hosted by the Gulf Coast Research Library in Ocean Springs, MS. Everyone agreed that NOALL would like to help and $100 will be donated.

Catherine Lemann and Charlene Cain, Co-chairs of the Local Arrangements Committee for the upcoming 2007 AALL Annual Meeting and Conference to be held in New Orleans explained that they need volunteers for a variety of subcommittees. The various needs are: closing banquet, daily paper, excursions, exhibits, family social hour, hospitality, library tours, opening event, publicity, registration, restaurant guide and the volunteer committee. There will be a booth at the St. Louis meeting this July and anyone who is attending is invited to help staff the booth. The hours are as follows: Friday, 4-7 pm; Saturday, 7am-6pm; Sunday, 7am-6:30pm; Monday, 7:30am-4pm; Tuesday, 7:30am-3pm and Wednesday, 7:30am-Noon. There will be further pleas for volunteers and a sign-up sheet at the May NOALL meeting. Ann Middleton suggested that Cathy and Charlene contact local arrangements chairs for the ALA meeting which will be held here this June and ask them what problems they encounter. Cathy said she is particularly interested in the projects ALA will be holding to help local libraries. She also mentioned that many people have been concerned about the air quality in New Orleans and it will be helpful to know if it causes problems for people attending ALA.

Fran Norton led a discussion of what problems have been encountered as everyone has returned to their libraries. Katie Nachod said that one of Tulane’s professors had somehow managed to have the library’s mail forwarded to his apartment in New York City. Ann Middleton discussed the problems of their library operating in three different locations. Charlene Cain said that West Publishing had been very prompt about replacing materials for displaced law students who were attending LSU. Charlene also said that budget cutbacks had forced LSU’s law school library to freeze their subscriptions and they are now reinstating them title by title. Georgia Chadwick and Miriam Childs recounted the problems with West Publishing shipments being returned and with CCH not resuming updates to looseleaf services and seemingly no supervisor at CCH customer service to help. Tina Gambrell said her firm had problems with CCH as well. George Lato and Charlie Childress of West Publishing said they should be contacted if anyone was continuing to have problems with West and they passed out their current phone numbers. Fran Norton asked what plans West has made to handle another disruption in mail if problems occur in the upcoming hurricane season. George Lato said that West is having a disaster seminar for local attorneys on April 7th. In light of the problems at Tulane possibly one authorized person should only be allowed to make a change of address. Denise Uzee said that Baton Rouge experienced problems with mail and telephone due to hurricane problems in New Orleans. Everyone is getting spotty delivery of West’s reporter advance sheets. Katie Nachod suggested that the Red Cross needs a librarian to help them make their information and lists more useable. Fran Norton said that if there is another disruption of servers that he can set up email accounts for NOALL members using our website server. Debbie Wynot said that she was able to use wireless internet on her cell phone which was a big help.

The meeting was adjourned by Nona.




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