Annual Business Meeting
April 23, 2008 Noon
Tulane Law School
  • Meeting was called to order by J. Dabbs.
  • Treasurer's Report: No change. Balance is still at $4988.64
  • Minutes from the November 8th meeting were approved.
  • New Business: Stephanie Braunstein, Government Documents Librarian for LSU will be our NOALL VIP to AALL this year in Portland. However, as a speaker, her conference registration costs are already taken care of. J. Dabbs proposes that we offer up to $500 towards her expenses. Discussion on this topic took place. For now it was agreed to offer this supplement to her and revisit the amount and program every year. Currently we are not doing grants- if a committee can be formed to do so, we can have people apply for assistance in that manner. $500 was offered because of the high cost of travel to Oregon.
  • Additional/New Business: Amy Schwarzenbach (Loyola Law School) was asked to be a section vice-chair for the Law Student Professional Development Section of the National Association for Law Placement. She will be leading a subcommittee whose goal will be to develop a bibliography which will include resources for law student professionalism and professional development. She is asking for input from our group for relevant articles, books, or websites. Please forward any suggestions to her at amys@loyno.edu . If you have any questions you can reach her at that e-mail address or 504-861-5554.
  • Officer Slate for 2008-2009 NOALL is as follows: Amy Hale-Janeke will move from VP/President Elect to President. Miriam Childs is running for VP/President Elect. Brent Hightower is running for Secretary. Cathy Wagar is running for Treasurer. Election was held and all assignments were approved. Officers will take office June 1, 2008.
  • Adjournment.
*Our speaker for the afternoon was Lisa Stansky of New Orleans Legal Assistance and spoke about LawHelp.org.
Attendance was as follows:
-Tina Gambrell (Jones Walker)
-Jennifer Dabbs (Phelps)
-Gigi Roth (Phelps)
-Amy Hale Janeke (Fifth Circuit)
-Brent Hightower (Adams and Reese)
-Tara Lombardi (Law Library of LA)
-Ruth Mahoney (Law Library of LA)
-Barbara Matthews (Tulane)
-Jennifer Creevy (Law Library of LA)
-Miriam Childs (Law Library of LA)
-Amy Schwarzenbach (Loyola)
-Anne Middleton (Fifth Circuit)
-Fran Norton (Loyola)
-Nona Beisenherz (Loyola)
-Cathy Wagar (Loyola)
-Etheldra Scoggins (Loyola)
-Kim Glorioso (Tulane)
-Charlotte Bynum (Tulane)
-Carla Pritchett (Tulane)
-Jeff Eller (Tulane)
-Sonnet Brown (Tulane)
-Michelle Pope (Loyola)






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