NOALL Meeting Minutes: May 11, 2009, 12 noon

Meeting Location: McGlinchey Stafford Boardroom 601 Poydras St., NOLA

Charlotte Bynum – Tulane
Carla Pritchett – Tulane
Carol Billings – LA Supreme Court Museum
Miriam Childs – Law Library of Louisiana
Ruth Mahoney - Law Library of Louisiana
JoAnn Soomro – McGlinchey Stafford
Francis Norton – Loyola
Etheldra Scoggin – Loyola
Cathy Wagar – Loyola
Anne Middleton – 5th Circuit Court of Appeals
Lana Manchester – McGlinchey Stafford
Marie Erickson – Law Library of Louisiana
Tara Lombardi - Law Library of Louisiana
Jennifer Creevy - Law Library of Louisiana
Tina Gambrell – Jones Walker
Amy Hale-Janeke – 5th Circuit Court of Appeals
Brent Hightower – Adams and Reese

Meeting comes to order. NOALL President Amy Hale-Janeke moderating.
- Review and approval of minutes from previous meeting. Motion to approve: Marie Erickson, second – Charlotte Bynum. Motion carries.
- Additional nominees for 2009-2010 NOALL officers requested. None discussed. 2009-2010 officers are:
Miriam Childs, President
Brent Hightower, Vice President/President-Elect
Carla Pritchett, Secretary
Cathy Wagar, Treasurer (Entering year 2 of 2 year term)
Motion to approve, Tara Lombardi, second Marie Erickson. Motion carries.
- Chapter VIP to annual AALL conference discussed
Carol Billings spoke about the intent of the VIP program originally was to bring decision makers and employers of law librarians to the AALL annual conference. This was meant to give our employers a better understanding of the value of law libraries as well as the value of professional development for law librarians. Ms. Billings did not support the choice of Dr. Charles Figley as the chapter VIP. Other ideas were discussed and Chief Justice of the LA Supreme Court, Katherine “Kitty” Kimball was identified as a possible VIP invitee. NOALL members should email the NOALL List-serv and/or Miriam Childs with other nominees in the two weeks following the meeting.
- Treasurer’s report
Cathy Wagar reports that NOALL has roughly $4,000 in the bank. See separate treasurer’s report. Also, the membership is reminded that annual dues are due by June 1, 2009. Please send your dues to Cynthia Wagar by that time.
Old Business
- Professional development scholarships
Discussion of past practices by members including Carol Billings, Tina Gambrell and others. Ms. Billings updated an old application form for the annual professional development award. This year’s award will be mainly focused on helping a NOALL member attend the AALL conference due to the time of year. Motion: To approve ONE $500 scholarship for continuing education. Motion to approve: Miriam Child, second: Francis Norton. Motion carries. Miriam has delivered the application to the membership via the NOALL List Serv. Application deadline is 5 pm CDT, Wednesday May 20, 2009.
New Business
- Vendor members discussed Brent Hightower brought a message from Terry West who was planning on offering a Westlaw update at today’s meeting. Anyone interested in a Westlaw update can contact Terry or one of her staff and they will be happy to provide you with this. The group also discussed the rules of Vendor members. Vendor members are allowed and encouraged to join NOALL. The only restrictions on Vendor members according to the Bylaws are that they are ineligible to vote, and they are not allowed to attend the Annual Business Meeting.
- NOALL Website
Amy Hale-Janeke suggests that we remove all password protection from the NOALL website. The reasoning for this change is that the website is not user friendly and the ease of use is relatively non-existent in its current form. Motion to remove password protection from all areas of the NOALL website: Etheldra Scoggin, Carla Pritchett – second. Motion carries.
Annual business meeting closed.
- Following the Annual business meeting Amy Hale-Janeke discussed the AALL Excellence in Marketing Awards with the group. Amy was kind enough to bring along some samples of this year’s runners up as well as some of the winning entries. A healthy discussion of marketing techniques in the entries was held.
- Following this discussion the group informally discussed current economic conditions and its effect on some of our institutions.
- The meeting concluded with JoAnn Soomro leading the group on a tour of McGlinchey’s new library space. JoAnn also led the group on a tour of some of McGlinchey’s non-library space in the PanAm building. The library and overall Firm space is very impressive, and the group benefitted from the tour of the Firm’s newly designed office space.
Respectfully submitted,

Brent Hightower
Adams and Reese, LLP






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