NOALL Business Meeting Minutes
Thursday, June 21, 2007
Loyola University Law Library

Present: N. Beisenhertz; C. Billings; G. Chadwick; M. Childs; J. Dabbs; M. Erickson; A. Hale-Janeke; B. Huddleston; R. Mahoney; A. Middleton; E. Moore; F. Norton; M. Pope; G. Roth; E. Scoggin; D. Uzee; C. Wagar; M. Whipple.

Georgia announced that NOALL is sending two chapter VIPs to the AALL conference, Judy Gainsburgh, a New Orleans attorney, and Judge Jerome Barbera of the 17 th Judicial District Court. She also announced that Brent Hightower was this year’s recipient of the AALL chapter registration grant. Each year AALL provides one free full registration to selected chapters on a rotational basis. This year NOALL was eligible to award one of the grants. The grant is intended for newer members of AALL to encourage their participation in the organization and to provide opportunities for professional development.

Etheldra reported that the treasury is healthy. Mike said that NOALL may be asked to donate $500 to the Local Arrangements Committee, but thought that it was unlikely to be necessary.

The slate of candidates for the open NOALL offices were accepted by acclimation after no nominations from the floor were received. The officers for the 2007/2008 year are: Jennifer Dabbs--President; Amy Hale-Janeke--Vice President/President-Elect; Gigi Roth--Secretary; and Etheldra Scoggin continues as Treasurer.

Jennifer opened the floor for NOALL business. Amy spoke to staff at the Louisiana State Museum about NOALL members taking one day to volunteer to help with the museum’s backlog. Mike and Carol cautioned against professionals volunteering their services to an organization that should be hiring to fill vacancies, and that contract librarians could benefit from establishing a relationship with the museum. Michele said that part-time or former public librarians might be interested. Marie said that the museum could decide to hire librarians after seeing what the volunteers can do. Amy agreed to post more information about the volunteer opportunity on the listserv in a few weeks. Jennifer said that the issue will be revisited at the fall NOALL meeting. Jennifer will be sending out dues notices to the membership soon. Carol mentioned that the State, Court, and County Law Libraries Special Interest Section of AALL is sending Judge Rosemary Ledet as its VIP, underscoring the value of VIPs to the profession. The business meeting adjourned, with the Local Arrangements Committee update following.

LAC update: Mike said that the advance registration for the New Orleans conference is strong, and about 800 people could attend the banquet. He is still trying to get a schedule for the banquet events from Headquarters. Fran described the plans for the second line parade. Carol brought in an example of the centerpieces to be placed on each table. She called for volunteers to help roll up napkins so that everything would be ready before the conference. She also asked for volunteers to be revelers in the second line, and asked for Mardi Gras bead donations for the hospitality booth.



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