NOALL Meeting Minutes
Phelps Dunbar
September 13, 2006

Present: C. Billings, C. Cain, G. Chadwick, M. Childs, J. Dabbs, M. Erickson, A. Hale-Janecke, B. Huddleston, C. Jones, R. Mahoney, A. Middleton, F. Norton, M. Pope, D. Uzee, C. Wagar, M. Whipple. Also present: Eric Krieger and Tara Lombardi, LSU SLIS students and student workers at the Law Library of Louisiana.

Fran opened the meeting by briefly listing recent departures from NOALL, explaining that NOALL is a smaller group. The minutes from the previous meeting were approved. Charlene gave a quick summary of the Local Arrangements Committee (LAC) meeting, which had taken place just before the NOALL meeting. She reminded the members present that since NOALL is a smaller group, everyone will be called upon to help with annual meeting preparation.
Fran said that he would like to begin a NOALL membership committee, which would recruit new members and reach out to members who have not renewed their membership. There were no volunteers for this committee at this time. Fran discussed the formation of a Library Aid Committee, which would coordinate offers of help from around the country. Marie, Ann, Amy, and Cynthia volunteered to form this committee. Carol mentioned that the AALL Social Responsibilities SIS usually raises money to help buy children’s books as well.
Fran next discussed the formalization of chapter archives, to be held for safekeeping in a location outside of New Orleans. Denise Uzee volunteered to be the archivist. Fran called upon anyone with old materials to deposit the materials in the archive.
NOALL will donate funds to the Local Arrangements Committee. There will be a vote on how much to give at a later meeting, when more about the status of outside fundraising is known. The group agreed to raise NOALL dues to $25.00. Fran will put the proposal on next meeting’s agenda for a vote.
Fran would like to set up a resource bank that would contain restaurant suggestions, available meeting rooms and their sizes, contact persons, musicians, and bands. The resource bank would help the Local Arrangements Committee when the Committee is called upon to make arrangements for conference events.
Next was a discussion of whether to invite speakers to future NOALL meetings this year or whether time should be devoted to preparing for the annual meeting. Carol said not to bring in speakers for this year, but to continue next year. It was agreed that NOALL’s time and budget would be consumed with helping the LAC and SEALL this year. Jennifer suggested that non-West or Lexis vendors could be asked to have a training session at a meeting. Carol announced that Arthur Miller will be giving a lecture at the Law Library on Monday, October 23 at 12:00 as part of the Learning at the Law Library lecture series.
Fran asked if there should be more NOALL meetings or fewer, or if the group should continue as before. Ruth said that monthly meetings, as is done currently, is preferable, and there was general agreement that monthly meetings keep members up to date. Charlene said that LAC meetings could be held in conjunction with NOALL meetings. Members who work in the CBD often can’t make it to meetings held at Loyola. Amy offered a conference room at the 5th Circuit Building, which is where the next meeting could possibly be held.
Since membership renewals were less for this year, the NOALL budget is not as robust as in some years. NOALL members may be called upon to make centerpieces and other decorations for the conference. If approved, the new dues would go into effect June 1, 2007. These renewal funds would be available to use for the conference if needed. Georgia mentioned that Ray Lytle received the NOALL scholarship to attend AALL in St. Louis. Michele asked if NOALL would be looking for corporate sponsorship for funding the local arrangements. Fran explained that all such requests would be handled through Mike.

Meeting adjourned.


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