Librarians & Senior Librarians; California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation; Statewide

Ever dreamed of having a job in a system where there is very little danger it will collapse in a sudden Great Recession or Depression? The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) STILL has more than SEVEN (7) current openings for both Librarians and Senior Librarians throughout the state! We have gotten more great applications, but we still need more. Remember, these are real jobs that come with “Cadillac” health plans and a defined benefit pension plan, both very rare in today’s job market, where school districts are cutting positions and benefits and cities have filed bankruptcy. These jobs “won’t be open forever, they are under the you snooze, you lose rule! Golden opportunities’ are never lost, they only go to someone else! Keep in mind, you miss a 100% of the shots you don’t take, so give us a call, give CDCR a shot, call and we can walk you through how to apply. Also remember that the difference between a dream and a reality is a little bit of doing. So if job security is important to you, apply at CDCR.


Our pay range for librarian is $4,004.00-$5,528.00 per month. CDCR librarians are eligible for great state benefits, including enhanced retirement and paid holidays, as well as medical, dental, and vision coverage. CDCR offers HMO and PPO programs including Kaiser and many other providers.

CDCR also offers a Defined Benefit retirement plan which means CDCR librarians get State Safety Retirement of 2.5% @55. What this means is that you can retire at age 55 and receive a percentage of your highest monthly salary for the rest of your life. That percentage is based on the formula of 2.5% times the number of years you have worked for CDCR.

As an example, with 27.5 years CDCR service you can retire at age 55 at $4050.00/month (This is an estimate only based on the CalPERS benefit calculator and any individual retirement is based on the plan in effect at retirement.) In other words, to get what you hypothetically would get after 27.5 years' service as a prison librarian under the current CDCR retirement plan; means you would have to do so well in other employment that you were able to save $1,600,000.00; and find a bank willing to pay you 3% per year to get the same amount.

Call us, we will walk you through our application process, and answer any additional questions, so please contact Brandy Buenafe, Principal Librarian, CDCR, at or on her cell 559-786-5848, or (916) 322-2803 or David Ramirez, Supervisor of Correctional Education Programs at (916) -324-8783 or his cell 530-306-7366 or e mail at

Or visit our website at: for exam bulletins, applications and testing instruments, and a list of current job openings.

If you want a REAL full time job with REAL benefits, join us at CDCR.

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