Sarah Mauldin

Articles & Bylaws

Reviews and revises Chapter articles of incorporation as directed by the Executive Committee.

Ed Hart - Immediate Past President (2014)
Pamela Melton - President (2015)
Francis Norton - Vice-President/President-Elect (2016)

Community Service

Identifies, promotes, and implements nonpolitical volunteer and community service activities.

Robert Brammer, Chair (2014)
Ian Bourgoine (2014)
Maureen Cahill (2014)
Shawn Friend (2014)
Patricia Morgan (2014)
Frosty Owen (2014)
Sarah Pearson (2014)
Nathan Collins (2015)
Price Clark Cook (2015
Alison Rosenberg (2015)
Mary Jane Slipsky (2015)

Education & Publications

Responsible for the development of publications for the benefit of the Chapter's members; also, responsible for developing SEAALL program proposals for the AALL annual meeting. (2 year term)

Thomas 'TJ' Striepe , Chair (2014)
Carol Watson - Handbook Editor
Adrienne DeWitt (2014)
Suzanne Graham (2014)
Karen E. Kalnins (2014)
Pamela Lucken (2014)
Rob Beharriell (2015)
Michelle Cosby (2015)
Alyson Drake (2015)
Amy Lipford (2015)

Government Relations

Monitors legislative, regulatory and judicial developments that affect SEAALL, the practice of law librarianship or the creation and dissemination of information for the states in the southeast region of the U.S. This committee keeps the membership informed by print and electronic means. (2 year term)

Beth Williams, Chair (2014) LA
Christina Ashoo (2014) MS
Elizabeth Bradsher (2014) AL
Terrye Conroy (2014) SC
Stacy Etheredge (2014) WV
James Kelly (2014) TN
Katrina 'Katie' Miller (2014) FL
Karen Nuckolls (2014) KY
Denise Gibson (2015) GA
Sally Irvin (2015) NC
Suzanne Corriell (2015) VA
MD rep TBA

Handbook Editor

Carol Watson

Local Arrangements

Knoxville, TN 2014

Reba Best
Ann Walsh Long
Katherine Marsh
Loretta Price


Promotes chapter membership and vitality within the region, maintains and distributes a biannual membership directory and coordinates activities for new members, retiring members and the organization. (2 year term)

Ryan Valentin, Chair (2014)
Melanie Creech (2014)
Nancy Dulniak (2014)
Robb Farmer (2014)
Stephanie Hayes (2015)
Shira Megerman (2015)
Ryan Saltz (2015)
Paula Tejeda (2015)
Deborach Schander (2015)

Newsletter & Public Relations

Responsible for the publication of the "Southeastern Law Librarian" four times a year. (2 year term)

Heather Casey, Chair (2014)
Anne Burnett (2014)
Colleen Martinez Skinner (2014)
Iain Barksdale (2015)
Nicholas Harrell (2015)
Stephen Parks (2015)
Brian Barnes, Newsletter Editor (ex officio)
Sharon Bradley, Co-Webmaster (ex officio)
Tina Brooks, Co-Webmaster (ex officio)


Scott Childs, Chair
Emily Marcum
Stephen Parks


Communicates the availability of new positions in the southeast; also, responds to potential employers with information about SEAALL members who are interested in new employment opportunities. (2 year term)

Beau Steenken, Chair (2014)
Scott Craft (2014)
Katherine Marsh (2014)
Marie Hamm (2015)
Michelle Humphries (2015)
Lisa Goodman (2015)
Endia Sowers (2015)


Plans and implements the educational program for the chapter's annual meeting.

Francis Norton, Chair (2014)
Jennifer Behrens (2014)
Shamika Dalton (2014)
Rachel Gordon (2014)
Cindy Hirsch (2014)
Sarah Mauldin (2014)
Katie Miller (2014)
Patricia Morgan (2014)
Kris Tobin (2014)
Candle Wester (2014)
Eric Young (2014)


Publicizes, manages and awards the annual Lucille Elliott scholarships. (2 year term)

Louis Rosen, Chair (2014)
Katie Crandall (2014)
Ismael Gullon (2014)
Kelly Leong (2014)
Charles A. Pipins II (2014)
Joyce Manna Janto (2015)
Sara Sampson (2015)
Richelle Reid (2015)
Rebekah Maxwell (2015)

Service to SEAALL

Charged with receiving nominations, selecting candidates and giving an award to the chapter member who has made special, significant and sustained contributions to the Chapter. The committee is composed of the Immediate Past President and the two immediately previous award winners. Candidate must have: given special service to the chapter; a sustained record of service to the chapter; been a chapter member for at least five years. Current and immediate past officers are not eligible.

Pam Deemer, Chair (2014)
Ed Hart (2014)
Jack Bissett (2015)

Service to SEAALL: Past Recipients


Sharon Bradley
Tina Brooks