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1976-77 Maureen Gilully -- -- --
1977-78 Conrad Painter -- -- --
1978-79 Connie Pine Leila Glenn -- --
1979-80 Eric Welsh Charles Ferguson -- --
1980-81 Angela Stramiello Maria Delgado
Leila Glenn
Marybeth Connor
Barbara Hunt 
Charles Ferguson
1981-82 Leila Glenn Carol Roehrenbeck Mary Cross Charles Ferguson
1982-83 Carol Roehrenbeck Mary Cross Nickie Singleton Charles Ferguson
1983-84 Mary Cross Robert Wallace Karen Mahnk Meg Stevens
1984-85 Robert Wallace Muriel Efron Barbara Hunt Meg Stevens
1985-86 Muriel Efron Barbara Hunt June Woodard Jennifer Haugen
1986-87 Barbara Hunt Karen Mahnk Felice Lowell Jennifer Haugen
1987-88 Karen Mahnk Wes Daniels Felice Lowell Renee Lipman
1988-89 Wes Daniels June Berger Sherman Koenig Renee Lipman
1989-90 June Berger Warren Rosmarin Richard Gibson Sheryll Rappaport
1990-91 Warren Rosmarin Sheryll Rappaport Michael Petit Jean Snyder
1991-92 Sheryll Rappaport Michael Petit Billie Jo Kaufman Jean Snyder
1992-93 Billie Jo Kaufman Linda Datko Linda Mulhall Beatrice Citron
1993-94 Linda Datko Monica Wilson Karen Mahnk Beatrice Citron
1994-95 Monica Wilson Beatrice Citron Karen Mahnk Claire Donnelly
1995-96 Beatrice Citron Jack McNeill Brian Williams
Claire Donnelly
1996-97 Jack McNeill Claire Donnelly Membiela Sonia Luna-Lamas Sally Haff
1997-98 Claire Membiela Mary Barmmer Denise Gibson Sally Haff
1998-99 Mary Barmmer Denise Gibson Anthony Box Diane Altimari
1999-00 Denise Gibson Terry Seale Janet Reinke Diane Altimari
2000-01 Terry Seale Janet Reinke Liz Chifari Diane Altimari

* This list was originally compiled in March 2001 by Linda Datko. Thanks!


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