SNELLA's Obiter Dicta

Vol. 17 no. 4                                                               January 2002 

The Electronic Edition

SNELLA Spring 2002 Program

March 22, 2002

Quinnipiac Law School

Registration-Coffee 9:00 a.m. – 9:30 p.m.

Program 9:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Librarians as Leaders:

What Lies Within?

Leadership – many librarians do not describe themselves as such yet we all possess leadership skills.

 Join us for a dynamic workshop on Librarians as Leaders. Discover what skills you already possess and how to utilize them to become a pivotal authority in information management within your business entity.

 Guest Speaker:

Gail Warren

State Law Librarian

Virginia State Law Library

 Cost $20.00 – includes workshop and lunch

Registration Deadline March 15, 2002

Please return the below registration form and payment (made out to SNELLA) to:

Claudia Jalowka

Connecticut Judicial Branch Law Libraries

100 Washington Street

Hartford, CT 06106



Name:  ________________________________________________________________________________

Telephone:  ____________________________________________________

E-mail:  _______________________________________________________


  2001/2002 Officers and Directors
President: Linda Mellick

Vice-President/President Elect: Christopher Roy

Past President: Jeffrey Dowd

Secretary: Susan Scoville

Treasurer: Theresa Baylock

Members at Large: Sandi Phillips and Caroline Grillo Benoit

Nominating Committee: Cathy Capuano and Susan Davis


 SNELLA Committees 

Education Committee: Claudia Jalowka

Placement Committee: Janet Zigadto

Publications Committee: Lawrence Cheeseman

Public Relations Chair: Steve Mirsky

Scholarship Committee: Sandee Molden

Technology Committee: Mary Scott

Public Relations/ CBA Liaison/ AALL Relations Liaison: Dottie McCaughtry

 SNELLA Calendar

March 22, 2002
SNELLA Spring 2002 Program: Librarians as Leaders

April 13, 2002 

SNELLA Legal Research Course

For information, contact: Linda Mellick


SNELLA Legal Research Course

Saturday, April 13, 2002

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 SNELLA Domain Name 

 Publications Committee 

Article, comments or questions about the publication should be submitted to the Editor:

Lawrence Cheeseman

All materials submitted for publication is subject to editorial review. Electronic submissions are encouraged.

  SNELLA Scholarship Committee


In order to promote continuing education among its members, the Southern New
England Law Librarians' Association maintains a Scholarship Fund.  From the
resources of that fund, the Association awards scholarships to its members
to help make possible attendance at meetings and institutes which entail a
registration fee.  All members area encouraged to apply.
Scholarships will be considered for these educational meetings of which
SNELLA is a sponsor or cosponsor, for the annual meeting of the American
Association of Law Libraries, and for institutes of continuing legal or
library science education sponsored by professional associations or
educational institutions.
Applicants must complete the standard SNELLA Scholarship application.  The
application must be received by the Chairman of the Committee one month
before the meeting/institute.
Below is an application form.




1. Name




2. Address (work or home):




Phone Number


FAX Number:


3. Scholarship purpose:


4. Are you a member of SNELLA?


If so, when did you join?


5. Have you received a SNELLA Scholarship before?


Amount & Date


6. Present employment


7. Will your employer pay any of your expenses in attending this meeting?



If so, what portion?


8. Estimated expenses for this meeting (itemized registration, travel, and per diem):













9. If you are applying for a SNELLA sponsored or co-sponsored meeting please tell us how you will benefit from attendance at this meeting?




10. If you are applying for a SNELLA scholarship for the AALL annual meeting or for an institute of continuing legal or library science education please submit a 400-500 word essay describing your interest in law libraries and law librarianship.


If I receive a SNELLA Award, and if for any reason I cannot attend (or my employer decides to pay all or a portion of my expenses), I shall return the award money (or the unused portion thereof) to the Chair of the SNELLA Scholarship Committee.




Applicant's Signature



Please return to: Sandee Molden/ Cohen & Wolf/ 1115 Broad Street/ Bridgeport, CT 06604