SNELLA's Obiter Dicta

Vol. 18 no. 1                                                            September 2002 

The Electronic Edition

Official Election Results


President - Christopher Roy

Vice-President / President Elect - Susan Scoville

Secretary - Janet Zigadto

Treasurer - Theresa Baylock

Members-at-Large - Sandi Phillips and Caroline Grillo Benoit

Nominating Committee - Doug Apicella, Steve Mirsky, and Louise Tucker


Earlier this month, SNELLA signed on in support of the Technology, Education and Copyright Harmonization (TEACH) Act. The bill revises the current distance learning exception to the Copyright Act so that it is remains relevant in the information age by expanding the ways in which digital content can be used for distance education purposes. A letter signed by SNELLA and many other organizations, including the American Association of Law Libraries, American Library Association, and National Education Association, was sent to Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert and Minority Leader Richard Gephardt on August 5th. The letter encourages the passage of the bill before the 107th Congress ends. To learn more about the TEACH Act, link to link to the Thomas bill summary and status at

Speaking of digital content, if you haven’t visited SNELLA’s new website (, I encourage you to browse through it. The vastly improved site has membership and scholarship information, recent newsletters, and contact information for SNELLA officers and board members. Do you have ideas for content that you think should be added? Feel free to contact me or Susan Scoville with your ideas. is your website.

Ideas for the fall program are currently being considered, and my goal is to get an announcement out soon.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Our 20th Year of Publication

In September 1982, the first issue of SNELLA's Obiter Dicta was mailed. The articles for that first issue were all typed on a typewriter, heading were rub-on-letters (Prestype) and the ornate border was cut out of a book with scissors and pasted onto the newsletter page.  

Volunteers Needed

SNELLA needs volunteers to submit recommendations for the SNELLA website content, to work at next year's CLA Meeting and to write articles for the newsletter. Contact: Chris Roy


  2002/2003 Officers and Directors
President: Christopher Roy

Vice-President/President Elect: Susan Scoville

Past President: Linda Mellick

Secretary: Janet Zigadto

Treasurer: Theresa Baylock

Members at Large: Sandi Phillips and Caroline Grillo Benoit

Nominating Committee: Doug Apicella, Steve Mirsky and Louise Tucker


 SNELLA Committees 

Education Committee: Claudia Jalowka

Placement Committee: Janet Zigadto

Publications Committee: Lawrence Cheeseman

Public Relations Chair: Steve Mirsky

Scholarship Committee: Sandee Molden

Technology Committee: Mary Scott

Public Relations/ CBA Liaison/ AALL Relations Liaison: Dottie McCaughtry

 SNELLA Calendar

September 5, 2002

SNELLA Board Meeting


For information, contact: Christopher Roy or Susan Scoville


SNELLA Legal Research Course

Spring 2003


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