Officers and Board Members 2010-2011

Officer Name & Email Phone
President Roseann Canny 860-898-4955
Vice-President / President Elect Camilla Tubbs 203-432-7535
Secretary Kathleen Koller 203-591-3338
Treasurer Theresa Baylock
Past President Nancy Marcove 860-275-8200
Member at Large Beth Brucker       617-248-6774
Member at Large Ellen Javor 860-608-9946
Member at Large MaryAnn Krivicky 203-579-7244
Education Committee

Lori Lantos
Ratiya Collins
Nancy Marcove


Government Relations Jonathan Stock  
Newsletter Editors Jeffrey J. Dowd 860-343-6560
Nominating Committee Caroline Benoit   860-509-6549
Nominating Committee Marjorie Lander 877-232-0571
Placement Committee see President see President
Publications Committee Lawrence Cheeseman 860-343-6560
Public Relations/
Dottie McCaughtry 860-429-7637
Scholarship Committee Sandee Molden 203-337-5546
Website/Listserv Anne Myers 203-432-7440

Descriptions of Elected Positions

President: Serves as presiding officer and conducts the business of the organization; makes standing committee appointments; serves as liason to AALL.

Vice-President/President Elect: Assists in conducting the business of the organization and presides in the absence of the president. Assumes Prsidency the following year.

Secretary: Attends and takes notes of all Board meetings; submits notes of prior meetings for approval. Participates in and assists with SNELLA activities and events.

Treasurer: Maintains the accounts and general ledger of the Association; responsible for the financial affairs of the Chapter. Assists other Chapter officers where needed with various tasks and duties. Treasurer's major duties include:

  • Writes checks, deposits funds and handles general oversight of the Chapter treasury, documenting receipt of incomes and expenditures of monies.
  • Supplies financial reports to all Board Members at monthly Board meetings.
  • Keeps detailed and itemized records of all financial transactions.
  • Pays bills as directed by the Executive Baord.
  • Maintains the Chapter's financial recor

Member-at-Large:Serves as liason between the membership and the Board of Directors. Responsible for contacting new members to welcome them to the organization and for arranging an opportunity for all new members to meet one another. Also responsible for seeking opportunities to recruit new members (e.g., contacts library schools to obtain address lists and to provide SNELLA organizational information). Member-at-Large attends all Board meetings and assists with planning and carrying out programs and events.

Nominating Committee: Solicits nominations from the membership through an announcement in the newsletter and then prepares a slate of Officers, Members-at-Large and Nominating Committee members to be presented to the Board of Directors no later than April 15th. Receives election ballots.