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SWALL Bulletin
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Summer 2001, Vol. 32 No. 1


by Beth Youngdale
Head of Reference
University of Texas

Welcome to the Summer 2001 edition of the SWALL Bulletin! Thanks to Kumar Percy and the rest of the Publications Committee for all their effort toward getting this issue out. I hope that everyone enjoys catching up on the news from around the region!

I think in this, the first Bulletin issue for 2001, Id like to issue a challenge of sorts a challenge to take a chance and get involved in your regional law library association.

Its a no-brainer that we all live in the busy, hectic world of life in the 21st century. We all have jobs and families and friends and, most likely, other volunteer obligations that we are trying to juggle while struggling to maintain a modicum of sanity at the days end. Why, in the midst of all that, would anyone want to add one more item to an already lengthy list of "to dos"?

Id like to try to answer that question from my own experience with SWALL involvement. When I agreed to take on Program Chair and VP/President-Elect two years ago, I was reluctant, initially, to be nominated. Tori Trotta, however, who can be very "persuasive" (i.e. wont take "no" for an answer), eventually won me over. And to be completely honest, when I did finally say "yes" to the nomination, I still thought there was a contested election that I was sure to lose. Oh, well live and learn!

But what Ive found as Ive gotten more involved in SWALL is that I have gained much more than I ever thought I would.

The first reason to get involved is the Challenge. I feel like I have been stretched in a number of areas professionally and personally as I've helped organize the last couple of annual meetings. I've learned how to ask people for help, how to keep after people (gently, I hope) to follow through, and, perhaps most importantly, I've learned that something, somewhere almost always goes "wrong" - and that it's never as bad as you think it will be.

The second reason to get involved is making a Contribution. And while a contribution toward the organization is a wonderful concept, I think that it's the fact that we're helping people friends, colleagues that really makes it worthwhile. Volunteering with SWALL, whether it's by being on a committee or speaking at a meeting or just being available to help, will make the day of someone who is hoping not to have to shoulder the entire load alone.

The third reason to get involved is Collegiality. One of my favorite SWALL memories is driving to San Antonio with Sally Harlow and Kay Schlueter to check out the Menger as we planned the 2000 Annual Meeting. While part of the conversation revolved around menus and room size and A/V equipment, part of it also encompassed a newly discovered shared passion West Wing. You see, even while work is being done, fun is being had.

So, my challenge to each of you, my encouragement to you all, is to get involved in SWALL this year. A list of new committee chairs, and their contact information, is included in this issue of the Bulletin. Every single committee is still in need of members, so if you see one that interests you, get in touch with the Chair. He or she will be thrilled to hear from you! We need people from all states and all types of libraries, so give us a call and let us get you plugged in!

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