Presidents' Letter
By Kathryn C. Fitzhugh


Minutes of SWALL Business Meeting
Fort Worth
April 19, 2002 

by Susan Spillman


Treasurer’s Report
by Joan O'Mara


CONELL 2002:
My Adventure in the Central Florida Wilderness
and How to Become a "Conference Pro"

by John Conger

Connections Created: AALL 
by Lee F. Peoples

My AALL Experience 2002
by Daniel Bell


SWALL 2002: Fiery Fun in Fort Worth!
by Amy Hale-Janeke

Joint Study Institute, 2002 "Canadian Focus: Global View" by Catherine K. Harris


Award Winners in UALR
by Jessie L. Cranford

New Title:
State of Texas
Statutory Restrictions on Convicted Felons

SWALL Bulletin
The Official Publication of SWALL: 
The Southwestern Association of Law Libraries
A Chapter of the American Association of Law Libraries

Fall 2002, Vol. 33 No. 1 & 2



Minutes of SWALL Business Meeting

Fort Worth

April 19, 2002

President Beth Youngdale called the meeting to order on Friday, April 19, 2002, at the Radisson Plaza Hotel in Fort Worth, Texas. The minutes from the meeting in Minneapolis were approved.

Constitution and By-Laws – Arturo Torres reported that he is working on the SWALL Handbook/Manual. It is currently before the Board and will be posted for comment on the Web site.

Mon Yin Lung announced that the next meeting would be in Kansas City, April 3-5, 2003.

Finance – Joan O’Mara distributed the Treasurer’s Report and took questions. There were none.

Grants – Jill Henderson reported that there was one grant given for Amy Hale Janeke to attend this meeting. SWALL will be offering 3 grants of $750 each to AALL, since only one was given for the SWALL meeting.

Legal Information Services to the Public – Beth Schneider thanked Anna Teller for her help and reported that there were 40 registrants for the Legal Information Services to the Public pre-conference seminar.

Life Membership and Memorials -- Jessica Alexander reported that there were no nominations previously but the committee needed to consider a new nomination.

Local Arrangements – Susan Phillips welcomed everyone to Fort Worth.

Nominations – Kay Schlueter announced the slate of officers for 2002/2003:

  • Kathryn Fitzhugh – President

  • Sharon Wayland – V.P./President-Elect

  • Susan Spillman – Secretary

  • Joan O’Mara – Treasurer

Program Committee -- Kathryn Fitzhugh (not present—no report)

Publications – Kumar Percy reported that the SWALL Bulletin is now located on the AALL Web site—www.aallnet.org. He has added a job posting to the site and he needs more articles for the Bulletin. He would like to add the Membership Directory to the site, modeled after the AALL directory. He had one bid so far. If anyone has any concerns/questions, he suggested that they contact an officer. Beth announced that the Board approved licensing two URLs—SWALL.net and SWALL.org.

Public Relations – Bob Hu (not present) announced that he would like some members to volunteer for his committee. He would also like some "real life" stories from firms.

Recruitment – Monica Szakasits (no report)

The officers were elected.

Mon Yin Lung announced that the next meeting would be in Kansas City, April 3-5, 2003. She has promised 100 rooms to the hotel, so she wants everyone to come.

Beth announced that Mark Lambert had agreed to be Archivist, and she encouraged everyone to join a committee and that committee volenteer forms are posted on the SWALL Web site.

Meeting adjourned.

(The gavel was passed in absentia to Kathryn Fitzhugh.)

Computer Instructional Services Librarian
South Texas College of Law Library 


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