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My 10 Favorite Things About Texas

Semi-Native Texan

Customer Experience Analyst


My great-great-great uncle,Thomas Jefferson Chambers, came to Texas in the 1820s.  Chambers County in east Texas is named after him.  I, however, am a relative newcomer.  Although I’ve only lived in Texas for 10 years, I have compiled quite a list of things I love about Texas.  Here are 10 of them focused almost exclusively on San Antonio – 10 reasons for you to come to AALL in July – and to come back and visit again.  As Texas singer/songwriter Gary P. Nunn (famous for the Austin City Limits theme song – London Homesick Blues aka Home with the Armadillo) would say, "You ask me what I like about Texas….  Well, I could tell you, but we’d be here all night long."  So I’ve limited it to 10. . . .

10.  Patio dining – Eating outside – good Mexican food – a cold beverage – well, it’s a favorite pastime of many.  When it’s hot, you sit under an umbrella.  When it’s cold they fire up the heaters.  We eat outside all year long. 

9.   Boat cruise on the San Antonio River.  Yep, even the locals ride it!  It’s great fun and you always learn something new.

8.   Gruene, Texas, and the Guadalupe River.  Great shopping (and I don’t even like shopping!), lunch at the Gristmill Restaurant, and a stop at Gruene Hall (Texas’ oldest dance hall) to listen to whoever’s playing, or tubing down the Guadalupe River, taking out at Gruene and then doing the above. Old or young, it’s a fun way to spend the day!

7.   Walking through the King William District and having breakfast (preferably on the patio) at the Guenther House.

6.   Music, music, music.  Country, symphony, you name it, we’ve got it – and I love it all.

5.   Steak Night in Waring, Texas.   Wednesday night is steak night at the country store in Waring, Texas.  Come back sometime and experience it!

4.   The Majestic Theatre.   Arguably the most beautiful theatre in Texas (maybe the world?).

3.   Visiting any Texas State Park Three of my nearby favorites include Garner, Lost Maples, and Enchanted Rock.

2. Wildflowers.  They start in March with bluebonnets, but they continue on throughout the spring, summer, and fall.  Lady Bird Johnson was on to something….

1.  The people.   They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, cultures, and personal beliefs, but despite their differences, there is something that draws them together – something my buddy, Gary P. Nunn, calls "the spirit of the people who share this land." 

Welcome to Texas!



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