SWALL Libraries

SWALL Listserv

SWALL maintains an email listserv to disseminate information on its activities and on topics of interest to law librarians in the region. Because our membership has indicated that they do not want to receive spam through this forum, only the administrators may add people to it.  To be added, contact Emily Lawson.

To post to the forum send your message to: swall@listserv.aallnet.org

Posting New Messages:

  1. New messages can be sent via email. For SWALL, the email address is swall@listserv.aallnet.org.  Please note, L-Soft may hold messages sent via email in a queue for up to 10 minutes for new subscribers. The purpose of this security feature is so that, if the message were part of a larger spam attack on the server, there would be time for evidence to accumulate and they can stop it before it negatively affects the listserv.
  2. Alternatively, the user may opt to log into the website and send a message using the web form. Messages sent using the web form are not subject to the 10 minute queue because the user has already authenticated by logging in.

Replying to Messages: Users may reply to a message directly from their email client. Please note, replies will be sent to the entire group. If the user wishes to just reply to the sender, they will need to manually update the TO: line in their email client.

Web Archives: All messages sent through the listserv are archived. The URL for the SWALL archives is http://listserv.aallnet.org/archives/SWALL.html.  Alternatively, users may also access the archive from the listserv's homepage.

Logging In and Registering a Password: When the user visits the website (http://listserv.aallnet.org) and logs in for the first time they will need to set up their password first by going to http://listserv.aallnet.org/scripts/wa-AALLNET.exe?GETPW1. After they set up their password, they may go to http://listserv.aallnet.org and click on ‘Log In’ in the upper right-hand corner.

Changing the Frequency of Messages: Every user can update how often they receive messages (i.e. real-time, daily digest) by logging into http://listserv.aallnet.org and clicking on “Subscriber’s Corner” in the upper left-hand corner.

Past listserv: SWALL also maintains an archive of our past listserv, named SWALL-L that was active from November 1997-December 2009.