PDA Protection Issues
PDA Saver (www.kensington.com) Cable lock.
The Bond (www.force.com) Lanyard cable.
Sword (www.palmix.itil.com) Password cracker.
CrypBox (www.portableprojects.com) Data encryption.
OnlyMe (www.tranzoa.com) Password lock.
TealLock (www.tealpoint.com/softlock.htm) Advanced password
features and data protection.
PDA Secure (www.goldsecure.com) Advanced password protections.
movianVPN (http://www.certicom.com) Wireless access protection.
SmartGate (www.v-one.com) Remote access protection.
Sign-On (www.cic.com) Biometric signature access.
PDADefense (www.pdadefense.com) Data security.
Antivirus for Palm (www.symantec.com) Virus protection.
Backupbuddy (www.bluenomad.com) Data backup software.