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SWALL Book Drive

SWALL is sponsoring a book drive during the conference. Please consider donating a children's book and/or a book for senior citizens. The donations will go to two libraries:

--Children's books will go to the Thomas J Pappas schools for the homeless. There are about 900 students currently attending three campuses. The district also includes schools in juvenile detention and rehabilitation centers and the state hospital. There are about 1,540 students all together.

--Books for senior citizens and homebound seniors will go to the Sun City Library, a 501(c) library run totally on community donations. The library is still using a traditional card catalog because they have no funding to automate. In order to raise funds they rely on donations of books, record albums, CDs, videotapes, DVDs, magazines, and audiobooks which they sell back to the community.

Attendees may donate books and and other materials in good-to-excellent condition at the conference.


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