WestPac Committees

(as of April 2014)

Jacque Jurkins (Chair)

Mari Cheney (Chair)
Kathy Carlson
Bonnie Geldmacher
Claire Hand
Jorge Juarez
Sue Ludington
Angus Nesbit
Christine Timko

Grants and Awards
Jaye Barlous (Chair)
Alicia Brillon
Stacey Gordon
Hilary Hardcastle
Brian Huffman

Laura Tretter (Chair)
Stephanie Midkiff

Nominations and Elections
Tami Gierloff (Chair)
Holly Lakatos
Phillipe Cloutier
Dani Helm

Public Relations
Lisa Mecklenberg Jackson (Chair)
Gary Hill
Buck Sterling

Internet Coordination
Laura Tretter (Listserv)
Laurie Urquiaga (Webmaster)
Harriet Zook & David McClure (Newsletter)


Constitution and Bylaws
Geri Cepeda (Chair)
Kent Milunovich
Deb Person

Government Relations
(volunteer needed for Nevada)
David McFadden, chair
Alaska: Buck Sterling (2012-2014)
California: David McFadden (Chair, 2011-2013); Kelly Browne (2011-2013)
Hawaii: Jenny Fujinaka (2011-2013)
Idaho: Kristin Ford (2011-2013)
Montana: Susan Lupton (2012-2014)
Nevada:   vacant
Oregon: Kelly Christianson Reynolds (2012-2014)
Utah: Kory Staheli (2011-2013)
Washington: Merri Hartse (2011-2013)
Wyoming: Kathy Carlson (2009-2012)

Local Arrangements
Alana Carson(Chair)

David McClure, Co-Editor
Harriet Zook, Co-Editor

Site Selection
Dennis Sears (Chair)
Mari Cheney
Kurt Meyer
Cynthia Condit