• October 9–12, 2014
  • Seattle, Washington

Thursday, October 9th

1:00 - 2:00

Tour of Seattle University School of Law and Law Library


Attendees should arrange their own transportation. The Seattle University School of Law is located at 901 12th Avenue, Sullivan Hall. For attendees driving directly to the campus, directions are here. For attendees coming from the hotel, there is a direct bus within a few blocks of the Watertown. The #49 bus runs every 15 minutes, so attendees should have plenty of time to get back for the UW tour. Taxis can be arranged from the hotel.

When you arrive at the law school ‎‎(Sullivan Hall) ‎proceed to the second floor.  The law library entrance is on the west side of the ‎second floor.  We will ‎meet at the black couches adjacent to the reference desk.‎

3:30 - 4:30

Tour of University of Washington School of Law and Gallagher Law Library


The law school is within walking distance from the Watertown Hotel.  However, attendees can utilize the free shuttle at the Watertown (hotel guests only; must pre-arrange with the hotel and subject to availability).

Librarians coming for the law school and law library tour should meet on the first floor of ‎the law school ‎building, NE corner near the portrait of Bill Gates Senior.‎

6:00 - 8:30

Opening Reception at the Burke Museum
(Sponsored by Thomson Reuters and the UW School of Law)

We are pleased to open this year’s meeting with a look inside Washington’s premier natural history museum.  The Burke Museum is located on the UW Campus at 17th Ave. NE and NE 45th St., adjacent to the law school.  Explore the many treasures of the museum, mingle with colleagues, and sample food and beverages from the Pacific Northwest
Transportation: The Burke Museum is within walking distance from the Watertown Hotel. However, attendees can utilize the free shuttle at the Watertown (hotel guests only; must pre-arrange with the hotel and subject to availability).

Friday, October 10th



Saturday, October 11th

1:30 - 4:30

Chihuly Garden and Glass

Transportation: Shuttles will be provided from the hotel to the Space Needle. We will meet at the hotel lobby at 1:30 pm. The shuttles will accommodate up to 26 people, so please reserve your seat early (either at the hotel front desk or by contacting Alana Carson/Local Arrangements). From the shuttle stop at the Space Needle, it’s a short walk to the museum. The tour will last approximately an hour, along with extra time for numerous video presentations on the glassmaking process and history of Dale Chihuly. There will also be time to visit the Bookstore. We will then meet back at the Space Needle stop at 4:15 pm for the return shuttle back to the hotel. For those who wish to stay longer, or enjoy other events at the Seattle Center, you may wish to utilize a taxi or King County Metro Transit.
Cost: $19 per person

Sunday, October 12th

At your leisure

DIY Tour

Uff da* the WestPac Conference is Over – Time to Head to Ballard for some Nano-Brews!

Download & Print
  DOCX       PDF

Hop on the number 44 bus at 45th St. and 9th Ave, (just one block from the Watertown hotel) hop off at 15th and Market and find yourself in the heart of Ballard, one of Seattle’s more colorful neighborhoods. Ballard was once the place for all things Scandinavian including lutefisk, troll dolls and incredibly slow drivers. Now Ballard is making a name for itself with nano-breweries. Nano-breweries are very small craft breweries. They are often found in retrofitted industrial spaces, garages or other unlikely spots. The batches brewed tend to be small and use creativity in the flavors and the brewing process. Many nano-breweries don’t bottle their beer -- you can come in for a pint or fill up a jug called a growler if you want some to go.

There are ten nano-breweries within a five mile radius in Ballard, which makes for a perfect walking tour after a busy, fulfilling conference!

If beer isn’t your thing, you’ll still find lots to do and see in Ballard. Stay on the 44 bus until Market and Ballard Ave to see the unique shops and restaurants that line Old Town Ballard’s brick paved streets. You may also want to check out the Ballard library’s green roof through their periscope along with their other environmentally friendly features.

If you feel like heading even further afield, stay on the 44 bus to 32nd NW and Market to see the Ballard Locks – although it is pretty rare in October, you might spy a straggler salmon or sturgeon making its way through the fish ladder. After you visit the locks, make your way across the street to the iconic Ballard landmark Red Mill Totem House for some fish and chips. A short ride back on the number 44 bus will get you back to the Watertown Hotel.

*Uff da is often used in the Pacific Northwest and Upper Midwest as a term for sensory overload. It can be used as an expression of surprise, astonishment, exhaustion, relief and sometimes dismay. For many, Uff da is an all-purpose expression with a variety of nuances, and covering a variety of situations.

Cost: n/a