2017 WestPac Annual Meeting

Boise, Idaho

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This form permits both individuals and institutions to make payments to WestPac of any amount. Please calculate what you owe and provide sufficient detail to allow the Treasurer to credit your payment appropriately. NOTE: a non-zero amount is required for the form to work.

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Use the explanation/details box for relevant information. For annual meeting registration fees, give specifics, such as "member, full conference + 2 reception tickets", "student, Saturday only", or "registering 6 for meeting, details by email", etc. The box will accept up to 200 characters. Information that won't fit, such as a list of meeting attendees with reception ticket quantities, should be emailed to the WestPac Treasurer separately.

NOTE: the information in the details box doesn't show on the PayPal payment screen, but it IS included in the payment report for the Treasurer.

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background image: "Boise Balloon Festival and skyline" by Charles Knowles – Flickr Creative Commons license.