Western Pennsylvania Law Library Association
2005-2006 Annual Report

2005-2006 was a banner year for WPLLA. Key objectives for the year were established at the business meeting in October: provide exciting and useful continuing education programs for members; enhance recruitment of new members to the profession; revise the organization's bylaws; increase WPLLA's recognition by the legal profession.

During the year, the Programming Committee organized a series of continuing education programs that were of high interest to members. A program on "How A Bill Becomes A Law," presented in October by guest speaker, Lorraine DeSouza, offered a glimpse into the inner workings of Congress. In January, Michele Kristakis presented a "Life-Management Workshop" to help members start the new year off on the right foot. February brought "Surviving a Library Renovation or Move: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly," presented by George Pike, Linda Schneider and Gwen Vargas. An April lunch program on "Working with the Powers that Be" offered WPLLA members the opportunity to chat candidly with a leading member of the Pittsburgh Legal Administrators' Association. Two social events were held during the year thanks to vendor sponsorship: the annual holiday party in December, and the annual banquet in May.

Throughout the year, the WPLLA Membership Committee enhanced recruitment of new members of the organization, as well as new members of the profession. With the assistance of the Executive Board, a new brochure for the organization was created and distributed at recruitment events at the School of Information Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh.

Meet-and-greet programs in September and January provided MLIS students the chance to talk with WPLLA members and learn about careers in law librarianship. On March 17th, a group of students from SIS spent the afternoon in downtown Pittsburgh talking with librarians at two law firms and two court libraries. Additionally, several WPLLA members served as guest speakers in various courses in the Department of Library & Information Science at Pitt, and supervised MLIS students in field-placements. These efforts have provided the groundwork for a formal mentoring program between WPLLA members and local MLIS students.

The WPLLA Executive Board undertook the major task of revising the organization's bylaws. Such an extensive revision had not taken place in twenty years. In April, the membership voted to adopt the revised bylaws.

In order to enhance our visibility in the legal profession, WPLLA members again presented a series of research review programs for summer associates and law interns. Each program was attended by over thirty law students! WPLLA also adopted a new logo that was created to reflect the changing nature of law libraries and law librarianship.

WPLLA Officers for 2005-2006 were: President, Louise Beswick; Vice President/President-Elect, Sonya Koros; Secretary, Mary Stacy; Treasurer, Michele Kristakis; Board Members, Linda Tashbook and Barbara Cage; Immediate Past-President, Marguerita Young-Jones.

WPLLA Officers for 2006-2007 are: President, Sonya Koros; Vice President/ President-Elect, Mary Stacy; Secretary, Lauren Vucic; Treasurer, Karen Shephard; Board Members, Barbara Cage and Jamie Yoder; Immediate Past-President, Louise Beswick.