AMPC Liaisons

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AALL's entities play a significant role in addressing the specialized interests of AALL members throughout the year, and they can provide a wealth of programming ideas and resources for Annual Meeting content. Each SIS has an AMPC liaison who is available to serve as a resource throughout the program proposal and development process. The 2016 AMPC liaisons are:

 Academic Law Libraries SIS  Kristina L. Niedringhaus
 Computing Services SIS  Deborah Ginsberg
 Foreign, Comparative and International Law SIS      Heather Casey
 Government Documents SIS  Bonnie Shucha
 Government Law Libraries SIS  Daniel B. Cordova
 Legal History & Rare Books SIS  Nicole Belbin
 Legal Information Services to the Public SIS  Tonya E. Baroudi
 Micrographics and Audiovisual SIS  Patricia Sayre-McCoy
 Online Bibliographic Services SIS  Lucy Curci-Gonzalez
 Private Law Librarians & Information Professionals SIS  Steven Antonio Lastres
 Professional Engagement, Growth, and Advancement SIS  Amanda Runyon
 Research Instruction and Patron Services SIS  Daniel Blackaby
 Social Responsibilities SIS  Ann Hemmens
 Technical Services SIS  Sarah Morris Lin

Additional information regarding the role of SISs in the program planning process can be found here. AALL's committees, chapters and caucuses are encouraged to contact any member of the AMPC or AALL's education staff with questions.