AMPC Liaisons

SISs, committees, chapters and caucuses play a significant role in addressing the specialized interests of AALL members throughout the year, and they can provide a wealth of programming ideas and resources for Annual Meeting content. Each entity has an AMPC liaison who is available to serve as a resource throughout the program proposal and development process. The 2015 AMPC Liaison assignments are:

 Academic Law Libraries SIS  Elizabeth Outler
 Computing Services SIS  Darla Jackson
 Foreign, Comparative and International Law SIS      Gayle Lynn-Nelson
 Gen X / Gen Y SIS  Mary E. Matuszak
 Government Documents SIS  Ellen Richardson
 Legal History and Rare Books SIS  Michelle Tolley
 Legal Information Services to the Public SIS  Ellen Richardson
 Micrographics and Audiovisual SIS  Gayle Lynn-Nelson
 Online Bibliographic Services SIS  Mary E. Matuszak
 Private Law Libraries SIS  Elaine M. Knecht
 Research Instruction and Patron Services SIS  Pauline S. Afuso
 Social Responsibilities SIS  Elizabeth Outler
 State, Court and County Law Libraries SIS  Pauline S. Afuso
 Technical Services SIS  Michelle Tolley
 Caucuses  Carol Watson
 Committees  Carol Watson
 Chapters  Carol Watson

Additional information regarding the role of SISs in the program planning process can be found here.
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