Call for Proposals

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Call for Proposals: Due October 6
Propose a Program Now!
The 2016 Annual Meeting Program Committee (AMPC) announces the Call for Program and Workshop Proposals for the 109th AALL Annual Meeting & Conference in Chicago. Legal information professionals are experiencing a radical transformation of the workplace–what better place to embrace this transformation than in Chicago, a great city that, through its own transformation, captures the imagination of the great architects and artisans of the world.

Being a part of the programming experience can be incredibly rewarding. Think about:
  • advanced-level issues
  • "core skill" development
  • cutting-edge topics that may only just be emerging within the profession
  • ways to communicate the value you bring to your organization 
AALL members are invited to turn their great ideas into learner-centric programs offering high-level content that can be delivered in an energetic and engaging format. We want to give librarians the tools to affirm their integral place in the greater legal community.

The AMPC has compiled a list of "must-have" program topics–timely topics that AALL members have identified as being vital to their professional education. Peruse the list–perhaps one of the topics is exactly what your library has been tackling this year. Perhaps you know the perfect presenter. Perhaps a working group within your SIS has been brainstorming about the topic already. Propose a program! (And of course, if you are thinking about proposing a completely different program–go for it!)

Use the online Program and Workshop Proposal Collection site to develop your proposal in your own workspace, share it with your colleagues, and submit it online by October 6. Explore helpful resources in the Information for Program Proposers section of AALLNET, including:
You are encouraged to explore AALL's Competencies of Law Librarianship as you build the framework for your proposal. The AMPC will evaluate all submitted proposals using a comprehensive rubric focusing on:
  • relevance (Is it important, timely, and vital to legal information professionals? Will the learner be able to implement some action or think in new ways as a result?)
  • description (Is it clear and well-defined? Is there a specific plan for learner engagement? Are the proposed speakers suitable?) 
All proposers will be notified in December about the status of their proposals. The deadline for submission is October 6.

We hope we've piqued your interest for Chicago, and we can't wait to see your proposals!

Keith Ann Stiverson, AALL President
June Hsiao Liebert, Annual Meeting Program Committee Chair