Deep Dives

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Deep dive programs are longer sessions designed to deliver a more comprehensive exploration of some critical content areas. The additional time will afford more opportunities for attendees to interact, ask questions, and really dig deep — consider taking the plunge!

(Please note: Deep dive sessions are scheduled for 2.5 hours, running across two standard program time slots.)

Deep Dive: Cool Tools Café
Sunday, July 17 • 2:30-5:00 p.m.

One of the most attractive features of the Cool Tools Café, for the presenters and attendees, is the casual atmosphere. Participants will learn in small groups about emerging or existing technologies from librarians who have implemented these technologies in their libraries. The small group setting allows for the opportunity to discuss why the technologies are useful, how they work, and how they can be implemented. Tools for legal research, collaboration, marketing services, instruction, productivity, citation, presentation, and website functionality are examples of past demonstrations. The variety of the demonstrations in these sessions epitomizes the dynamic role of today's legal information professional. Different content will be presented in the first and second half of the program.

Deep Dive: Hooking the CI White Whale: Advanced Analytics in a CI Report
Sunday, July 17 • 2:30-5:00 p.m.

Researchers provide attorneys with the competitive advantage to better serve an existing client or win a new one. However, researchers in possession of valuable data often hesitate to draw conclusions from it. They are more likely to dump the data into a report rather than attacking the competitive intelligence (CI) white whale — offering analysis and insight that provide a better understanding of what is affecting these clients (and potential clients). 

Dive into the deep end of CI. Understand why it's crucial to utilize both inherent and overt advanced analytical skills in preparing a corporate target information profile for interacting with a prospective client. With a corporate target information profile that offers analysis of the client and industry, the attorney is in a better position to make strategic decisions for their client. 

In this active, hands-on session, navigate the sea of corporate information, evaluating data, and crafting analysis into an actual CI report. Basic report format structure and a refresher on various report formats will be covered, and participants will receive information packets and sample report templates. Plan to bring your laptop or tablet.

Deep Dive: Are You Paying Attention? — Big Data's Impact on the Legal Industry
Monday, July 18 • 9:45 a.m.-12:15 p.m.

Information strategies are being transformed across every industry due to the tidal wave of data innovation. Learn how to run, grow, or transform your organization by applying big data concepts to internal or external data. The session will start off with an overview of big data and the dynamics of big data collection, storage, management systems, and analytics. These concepts will provide the backbone to further explore how the utilization of big data can provide competitive advantage through deeper insight and knowledge. 

The second half of the session will dive into real-world applications of big data and offer an opportunity to interact with other participants. First, seek inspiration from other industries that are far more advanced in the application of big data. Learn how companies using big data made a big impact on their bottom line. Next, explore applications of big data created specifically for the legal industry, including data sets for government, corporate, and law firm entities. To conclude, participants will develop an information strategy using big data. They will have an opportunity to share the outcome of their collaboration: building of a team strategy, formulation of theories to be tested, selection of data sources, and suggestions for alliances/partnerships.

And be sure to check out the Innovation Labs scheduled for Tuesday afternoon!