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AALL members face many of the same challenges as members of other legal associations, and there is much to be gained from sharing the collective knowledge among us.  Recognizing the critical role technology plays in shaping the legal information profession, AALL is collaborating once again with the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) on a special series of legal technology programs on Tuesday, July 15. These programs focus on the partnership between library services and technology professionals, and the sessions will benefit those who have an interest in the technologies that support knowledge management and library services.  And with an eye on communicating the value of the profession, this year brings a new partnership with the Legal Marketing Association (LMA) on Sunday, July 13

Librarians and Law Firm Pricing: Learn the Stakes, Get Involved
Sunday, July 13 • 4:00-5:00 p.m.

Law firms are under significant pressure to change the way they price and deliver their services. Rate discounts are pretty much played out, so firms are turning toward alternative delivery options focused on reducing the cost of their services. In this quest for better-faster-cheaper solutions, those people within the firm who offer high-value services at reasonable costs have the potential to become very important. This means an opportunity for librarians, as they are often the best subject matter experts in a firm. This session will take a high-level look at the state of legal pricing, and then dive into various ways librarians play a pivotal role and provide high value to the process. Attend this session and walk away with a good understanding of the pricing functions at a firm, and some concrete ideas for how you might take a more active role in this interesting and changing space.

Discussing Big Data Opportunities with Firm Partners, from ‘No-Brainers’ to ‘Game Changers’
Tuesday, July 15 • 8:30-9:45 a.m.

Legal “big data” is not the next big thing – it’s the ‘now’ big thing for law firms, legal vendors and corporate legal departments. A growing number of law firms are initiating big data projects – some of them focused on legal spend analytics, competitive intelligence and predicting future growth/revenue; some of them launched on the practice side to help increase attorney "win rates” with better information and actionable intelligence. In all scenarios, it’s about leveraging data (big or small) – and that’s where library service professionals can step in and deliver for their attorneys and partners. With the knowledge to connect disparate data sources and transform them into coherent information streams, the ability to identify quality data versus ‘tainted’ sources, and the skill to ask the right people the right questions, law librarians will deliver big data results for their firms. In addition to providing big data facts and realities within a library services context, panelists will share their successes (and challenges) and provide actionable ‘how-tos’ when it comes to kick-starting your own big data project.

Leveraging SharePoint for Library Services
Tuesday, July 15 • 10:15-11:30 a.m.

SharePoint is in use in myriad ways in law libraries – to connect catalogs, disseminate and update information, track disparate information and for search. A law firm librarian who has built a SharePoint system for ERM management with custom lists and uses Teamsites for project management to manage groups will offer insight on the experience. A consultant who works with law firms to develop SharePoint will show how easy it is to set up and use SharePoint in library services for search and delivery of information. For librarians and knowledge managers who are already using SharePoint, this session will provide opportunities to explore, learn, and possibly implement some new SharePoint projects. For those new to SharePoint, examples of how to use it to yield some easy successes will be shared.

Strategic Technology Imperatives for Law Librarians
Tuesday, July 15 • 3:45-4:45 p.m.

What is the future of technology for librarians? The International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) asked that question in the Legal Technology Future Horizons research project, a global study that explored how advances in information technology could impact the legal industry over the next decade. The report findings identified a number of key technology influencers, many of which directly affect librarians and library services in law firms and law departments. The capacity for rapid IT-enabled innovation will be a critical differentiator for law librarians as disruptive innovations and emerging technologies are expected to have major impact on the way library services evolve. The presenter will reveal the eight critical challenges that emerged from the research project as they relate to law firm and law department librarians – information you can use to help your law firm make good technology decisions.
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