Programs of Value to Academic Law Librarians

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"It was very inspiring to see how dedicated and passionate law librarians are regarding government information. It was one of the best conference experiences I have ever had the opportunity to attend. I returned home with a renewed appreciation for the field of law librarianship and eyes on when I can attend my next AALL conference."

- Suzanne Sears, University of North Texas Libraries

The following are just some of the programs that have been identified as being of particular value to law librarians working in academic settings. You can view all 2016 programs here.

Finding Time: Lean Six Sigma

RDA Hugo-a-thon

Linked Data and BIBFRAME in Action: From Theory to Practice

Innovation Lab: Relevant Scholarship: A Conversation with Judge Richard Posner

Innovation Lab: New Practices of Purpose-Driven Exploration in Knowledge Work

Innovation Lab: Design Thinking for Libraries

"Are People Even Using This Database?": e-Resources and Statistics

Crowdsourcing a Skill Set to Manage the Legal Information of the Future

Information Security: Changing Access Concerns and Data Protection Best (and Sometimes Easy) Practices

Inside the Ivory Towers: Competitive Intelligence for Law Schools

Leave Treasure Hunts to Pirates: Using Research Plans and Logs to Create Experiential Legal Research Courses

Deep Dive: Cool Tools Café

Promoting the Value of Technical Services at Budget Time: Practical Advice for Directors and Managers

Research Competencies: From Classroom to Practice

Creating the Future of Discovery and Research: BIBFRAME 101 for Library Directors (and Everyone Else)

#noscript: Using Recordings to Save Time and Improve Learning

CRM/DMS/EDD/KM - What Are They and Why Should I Care?

Negotiate with Confidence

Partnering with Consultants: New Ways to Accomplish More

Deep Dive: Are You Paying Attention? — Big Data's Impact on the Legal Industry

Developing a Business/Corporate Legal Research Course Without Ever Having Billed an Hour

Search Does Not Equal Research: Implications for Discovery Layer Design

Contract Review: Considering the Vendor Relationship and Key Terms

Creating New Futures: Conversations on Career Transitions

How to Create a Positive Culture in Your Law Library (Whether or Not You're a Manager)

Practical Magic: Capturing Institutional Knowledge

What to Expect When Doing a Training: A New Perspective on An Evolving Role

Attorney Research Skills: Continuing the Conversation Between Law Firm and Academic Law Librarians

Disruption in the Legal Industry: What's Arrived, and What’s Coming

Scaling Initiatives into Larger Services

Taking the Lead on Teaching Legal Technology: Opportunities and Challenges

Beyond the Usual Suspects: Collaborating with "the Rest" of Your Institution

Can Robots Be Lawyers? Meet ROSS, and Glimpse the Future of AI in Law

Creating Interactive Videos to Enhance Instruction

Enterprise Search Initiatives: New Opportunities for Your Organization

How Are We Doing?: Using Outcomes Assessment to Improve Legal Research Instruction

Numbers as Narrative: How to Create Captivating Infographics for Any Audience

"Disruptunity": The Legal Research Revolution Is Now!

Captivate: Presentations That Engage and Win Over Today's Audiences

Innovations in Teaching with Technology