Programs of Value to Academic Law Librarians


"It was very inspiring to see how dedicated and passionate law librarians are regarding government information. It was one of the best conference experiences I have ever had the opportunity to attend. I returned home with a renewed appreciation for the field of law librarianship and eyes on when I can attend my next AALL conference."

- Suzanne Sears, University of North Texas Libraries

The following are just some of the programs that have been identified as being of particular value to law librarians working in academic settings. You can view all 2015 programs here.

Get Schooled on Learning: Learning Outcomes and Assessment for Legal Research Instruction Under New ABA Standards 302, 314, and 315

The Power of Connection in Academic Libraries

Economic Value of Law Libraries - Raising Awareness, Raising Value

Designers' Workshop: Subject Guides That Create the Effect You Want

International Attorneys and LLM Students: Filling Research Gaps

The Role of Law Libraries in the New Incubator Models: Collaborations That Train New Attorneys to Represent Modest Means Clients

Uncovering Discovery Systems: Digging Beyond the Hype and Gripe

In the Wake of the Kia Audit: Training Law Students and Lawyers on Legal Technology Skills

Creative Assessment: Connecting Legal Research Training and Instruction to Results

Attorney Research Skills: Join the Conversation Between Law Firm and Academic Law Librarians

Library Privacy Laws and Drafting a Privacy Policy

Teaching Legal Research for the Non-JD Student

Increase Your Library's Resources and Enhance Your Outreach Efforts Without New Funding: Using the AGLI Model

Managing Difficult, Disruptive, or Challenging Patron Behavior

Law Library Interns: How to Make Them Work for You

The Bluebook, Five Years and an Edition Later: Connecting Librarians and Editors

Transitioning to the Revised ABA Law School Accreditation Standards

Strategic Integration of E-books and Digital Content in Law Libraries

The Librarians Strike Back: Implementing Strike Teams to Get Stuff Done

Library Finances 101: Developing Workplace Financial Literacy in Your Staff and Institution

The Multi-Channel Event Marketing Cycle

AALL Legal Research Teaching Academy

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