Emerging Leader Award



The Emerging Leader Award recognizes newer members who have already made significant contributions to the Association and/or to the profession and have demonstrated the potential for leadership and continuing service.

Selection Process:

The Leadership Development Committee will solicit nominations for the award. They should target the call for nominations to entities that serve as an entry point for member service – the Special Interest Sections, the GenX/GenY caucus, chapters, and other committee chairs or any other group that may be applicable in the future. More than one award may be given, but no more than three awards may be given in a single year. The deadline for nominations will be February 1 with a selection deadline of March 20.

Nominations should include evidence of the nominee’s contributions to AALL or the profession and may include up to 3 supporting letters, which must be submitted with the nomination. Petitions and letter writing campaigns (beyond those letters included with the application) are discouraged and will not be considered in the evaluation process nor will they influence the Committee. The Emerging Leader Award carries a $500 cash prize.

Selection Criteria:

  • The nominee must be a member in good standing of AALL
  • The nominee must be in his/her first 10 years of law library experience
  • The nominee must not have previously received an Emerging Leader Award
  • The nominee must have made a significant contribution to the Association and/or the profession.
  • The nominee must have shown outstanding promise for continuing service and leadership. Specific examples of his/her continuing activities must be provided.

Application Information:

Download Emerging Leader Award Nomination Form

Nominations must be received by AALL no later than February 1 of each year; self-nomination by members is acceptable. A subcommittee of the Leadership Development Committee will complete its deliberations and the selection process by March 21.

The subcommittee of the Leadership Development Committee will review the nominations and make a final decision on who will receive the award. Each nominee shall be considered individually and confidentially and will be judged according to the criteria listed above. The award may be presented annually, but there is no requirement that the award be given each year. For more information, please contact Leadership Development Committee Chair.

Nominations and all accompanying documentation for this award should be sent to:

American Association of Law Libraries
Leadership Development Committee Chair
105 W Adams Street
Suite 3300
Chicago, IL 60603-6225

Phone: (312) 205-8010
Fax: (312) 205-8011
Email: vcastillo@aall.org

(Please include Email Subject Line: Emerging Leader Award)

Award Presentation

The award shall be presented during the AALL Annual Meeting, and it will be given in name of the Association. The recipient will receive a certificate and a $500 cash prize.

Previous Winners:

2014: Janine Liebert, Programs and Partnerships Librarian, LA Law Library, Los Angeles, CA

2013: Jason Eiseman, Head of Technology Services, Lillian Goldman Law Library, Yale Law School, New Haven, CT

2012: Margaret Butler, Associate Director for Public Services, Georgia State University College of Law Library, Atlanta, GA

2011: Kathleen (Katie) Brown, Assistant Director for Public and Faculty Services, Oklahoma City University School of Law, Oklahoma City, OK

2010: Sarah K.C. Mauldin, Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP