Headquarters Awards Procedures And Deadlines

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Updated and revised:Tuesday, July 5, 2005


Prior to the first week of September, the Chair, Awards Committee, provides the AALL Spectrum Editor and the Executive Director with an announcement about the awards that is published in the November AALL Spectrum, distributed to the AALL Leadership and posted on AALLNET.

The Chair, Awards Committee may prepare additional announcements for press releases, items in AALL Spectrum to this basic schedule by working closely with the Executive Director and Editor, AALL Spectrum.


Prior to the first week in April, the Chair, Awards Committee gives the names of the Andrews and the Gallagher recipient(s), an article about them, and photos of the recipient(s) to the Editor, AALL Spectrum. A profile of each winner is included in the June issue of the magazine. The AALL Spectrum Editor can provide instructions, samples of articles from prior years, and assistance with photos as needed. The Chair, Awards Committee includes a duplicate copy of the photos in the display case at the Annual Meeting.


Working closely with the Executive Director, the Chair, Awards Committee, prepares a press release announcing all award recipients. The press release is distributed through customary channels including a broadcast e-mail distribution to all AALL members; the press release is also posted on AALLNET. The press release is usually written and distributed by May 15th. Samples of press releases from prior years are available on AALLNET / Press Releases.

May 1 - June 1:

Working closely with the Chair, Awards Committee, the Executive Assistant to the Executive Director prepares the text for the annual Awards and Acknowledgement Brochure that is distributed to all Annual Meeting registrants. The Awards and Acknowledgement Brochure is completed by June 1st and sent to the printer.

Award Certificates, Plaques And Checks

Deadline: May 1 - June 1:

The Executive Assistant to the Executive Director coordinates the preparation of certificates for all AALL awards. Certificates are prepared in May and ordered no later than June 1st; they are shipped to the AALL staff offices at the convention center where the Annual Meeting is held.

In some instances a cash award is also presented to recipients. The Executive Director solicits the funds from the vendors and handles receipt and acknowledgement of all contributions. AALL's Director of Finance & Administration issues these checks and they are given to recipients along with the certificates. The following Awards are accompanied by checks contributed by corporate sponsors:

Excellence in Marketing Awards - $250 for each recipient

Call for Papers Awards - $750 for each recipient

LLJ Article of the Year Award - $500

AALL Spectrum Article of the Year Award - $500

Invitations And Presentations At The Annual Meeting And Conference

Deadline: May 1 - June 1:

All AALL awards are presented at the Association Luncheon unless procedures are changed and approved by the President in consultation with the Chair, Awards Committee. SIS Awards are presented at SIS functions, such as business meetings.

The Chair, Awards Committee invites the award recipients to attend the Association Luncheon. Generally only one person accepts an award. However when the award project was a collaborative one, a second person may be invited - at the discretion of the Awards Committee Chair - to join in accepting the award. At the luncheon tables are reserved for the award recipients - no more than two persons per award - and the Awards Committee members. The Chair coordinates seating at these reserved tables in consultation with the AALL Meeting Manager. The Awards Committee and each AALL member-recipient - except the Gallagher recipient(s)- purchases his or her own ticket for the Association Luncheon.

The Awards Committee Chair informs the Gallagher recipients of their selection and of the financial support - if needed - that AALL will provide to them. Afterwards, the Executive Director writes to and invites the Gallagher recipient(s) to attend the Annual Meeting, the Association Luncheon and a reception immediately preceding the Association Luncheon. The Executive Director also invites the Awards Committee Chair to attend this reception to accompany the Gallagher recipients.

On those occasions when the President hosts a VIP Reception in their suite for corporate sponsors and others, the Gallagher recipient(s) and the Chair, Awards Committee are also invited to attend.

The President and Chair, Awards Committee meet with the staff at the Annual Meeting prior to the Association Luncheon to review Procedures, review the script for the Luncheon and the schedule for the presentations. Staff is responsible for bringing the award certificates and checks to the Association Luncheon and for coordinating the actual presentations at the podium.

In May the Chair, Awards Committee confirms whether or not the Gallagher recipient(s) will want to make brief remarks at the Luncheon. The President presents the award(s)to the Gallagher recipient(s). If they have chosen to speak, the President invites them to speak. Recipient(s) are asked to limit their remarks to no more than 5 minutes. By July 1st the Awards Com. Chair provides the President and the Executive Director with the text describing the Gallagher recipient(s) and the reason(s) they were selected to receive the honor. The President may edit this text at his or her discretion. A copy of the President's remarks is available from the Executive Director and may be given to the recipient(s) after the Luncheon.

The Chair, Awards Committee presents all other awards. Recipients are not invited to speak at the Luncheon.

Expenses And Reimbursements (revised March 2007)

Deadline: May 1 - June 10:

All arrangements for award recipients must be confirmed by June 10th.

The Association reimburses only the Gallagher recipient(s) for:
  • Coach airfare
  • Local travel
  • Lodging - a double room for two nights; this room is included in the Association's room block and is booked by AALL staff. Deadline for confirmation of lodging: June 1st:
  • Standard per diem allowance for two days ($75.00 per day maximum/$50.00 per meal maximum)
  • Two complimentary full registrations, one is used by the accompanying person (includes Opening Event and Closing Banquet tickets)

AALL does not reimburse expenses for traveling spouses or other persons accompanying the Gallagher recipients.

Gallagher recipient(s) are responsible for making all their own travel arrangements. The Chair, Awards Committee should review AALL reimbursement policy and procedures with the recipient(s) before the convention. The recipient(s) should contact the Director of Meetings to confirm accommodations needs.

On those occasions when a non-member, including the vendor recipient of the Best New Product Award, receives an AALL award, the Association provides one complimentary program-only registration.

The Association does not pay expenses for other award recipients.