Law Library Journal®


Law Library Journal has been the "official" publication of the Association since 1908. It is published quarterly and distributed to members directly. Annual subscriptions are available to non-members. The cost is $110 per year. If you are not a member but are interested in subscribing to Law Library Journal, please contact

Scholarly articles on law, legal materials, and librarianship are the mainstay of the journal. Practice-oriented articles, proceedings of the business sessions of the Annual Meeting, and historical record of the profession and Association are also included. Law Library Journal is available on Lexis-Nexis, WESTLAW, H.W. Wilson, and Hein-On-Line. Members only have access to the full LLJ archive on Hein-On-Line.

For ordering information, please call 312/939-4764 or email

AALL members may opt-out of receiving the print edition of Law Library Journal through their member profile (click on "Mail Options").