Journal Title List


Titles Approved and Rejected by the Indexing of Periodical Literature Committee

2012-2013 Approved Titles:

Arizona State Law Journal Blog
British Journal of American Legal Studies
The Canadian Journal of Elder Law
Cape Town Convention Journal
The Circuit
The Docket
Duke Forum for Law & Social Change
DULR Online
European Business Organization Law Review
European Criminal Law Review
Florida Law Review Forum
Global Constitutionalism
Griffith Journal of Law & Human Dignity
Harvard Law Review Forum
Hastings Law Journal Voir Dire
Indiana Law Journal Supplement
International Data Privacy Law
International Journal of Discrimination and the Law
International Journal of the Jurisprudence of the Family
International Journal of Law in Context
International Law Research
Iowa Law Review Bulletin
Ipsa Loquitur
Irish Law Journal
Irish Yearbook of International Law
Jerusalem Review of Legal Studies
JOLT Digest
Journal of Antitrust Enforcement
Journal of Arbitration and Mediation
Journal of European Competition Law and Practice
Journal of International Dispute Settlement
Journal of Media Law
Journal of World Energy Law & Business
Kentucky Law Journal Online
Law and Financial Markets Review
Law and Humanities
Law, Innovation and Technology
LSU Journal of Energy Law & Resources
MALABU - Maritime Law Bulletin
McGill International Journal of Sustainable Development Law and Policy
Michigan Journal of Environmental and Administrative Law
National Security and Armed Conflict Law Review
Notre Dame Journal of International and Comparative Law
Oxford Journal of Law and Religion
Oxford University Undergraduate Law Journal
Queen Mary Journal of Intellectual Property
Res Gestae
Transnational Environmental Law
Transnational Legal Theory
Trusts & Trustees
Unbound: Harvard Journal of the Legal Left
Underneath the Golden Boy
United Kingdom Law Students' Review
Utah Law Review OnLaw
World Journal of VAT/GST Law

2012-2013 Rejected Titles:

Chinese Journal of Comparative Law
Chinese Journal of International Law
Journal of Catholic Social Thought
Journal of Military and Veteran Law
The Public Defender
The Recorder

2011-2012 Approved Titles:

Aberdeen Student Law Review
Akron Journal of Constitutional Law and Policy
Amicus Curiae
Asia Pacific Journal of Environmental Law (APJEL)
Asper Review of International Business & Trade Law
Australia & New Zealand Law and History E-Journal
Australian Indigenous Law Review
Cambridge Journal of International and Comparative Law
Cambridge Student Law Review
The Canadian Journal of Human Rights
Cardozo Journal of Law and Gender
Cardozo Journal of Conflict Resolution
Corporate Governance E-journal
Cybaris – An Intellectual Property Law Review
Durham Law Review
Edinburgh Student Law Review
eLaw Journal
Elder Law Review
Essex Human Rights Review
European Journal of Law Reform
Human Rights Law Commentary
Human Rights Law Review
Illinois Business Law Journal
Indiana Health Law Review
Indigenous Law Bulletin
Indigenous Law Journal of the University of Toronto, Faculty of Law
International Trade and Business Law Review
John Marshall Law Review of Intellectual Property Law
Journal of African Law
Journal of Animal and Environmental Law
Journal of Civil Law Studies
Journal of Christian Legal Thought
Journal of Commonwealth Criminal Law
Journal of Law, Business & Ethics
Journal of Law and Equality
Journal of Law & Practice
The Journal of Maori Legal Writing
Journal of Mental Health Law
King's Student Law Review
Law and Criminal Justice Review
Law, Environment and Development Journal
Law Raza
Liberty University Law Review
Loyola Consumer Law Review
Manchester Journal of International Economic Law
McGill International Journal of Sustainable Development Law and Policy
McGill Journal of Law and Health
The Municipal Lawyer
New Zealand Armed Forces Law Review
New Zealand Journal of Employment Relations
New Zealand Law Students' Journal
Nottingham Law Journal
Ocean Yearbook
Public Interest Law Reporter
Public Procurement Law Review
Queen Mary Journal of Intellectual Property
Queen Mary Law Journal
Resource Management Journal
Resource Management Theory and Practice
St. Mary's Journal on Legal Malpractice and Ethics
SMU Science and Technology Law Review
Southampton Student Law Review
Sports Law ejournal
Syracuse Science and Technology Law Reporter
Texas Environmental Law Journal
Texas Hispanic Journal of Law and Policy
Texas Journal of Oil, Gas & Energy Law
Texas Review of Law and Politics
UCL Jurisprudence Review
University of Western Ontario Journal of Legal Studies
Virginia Journal of Law and Technology
Virginia Law & Business Review
Wake Forest Journal of Law & Policy
Warwick Student Law Review
Washington Journal of Environmental Law and Policy
Washington Journal of Law, Technology and Arts
The Western Australian Jurist
Widener Journal of Law, Economics and Race
Willamette Sports Law Journal
Windsor Review of Legal and Social Issues

2011-2012 Rejected Titles:

German Law Journal
International Journal of Liability and Scientific Enquiry
JAG Magazine
Journal of Commercial Biotechnology
Journal of Juvenile Justice
The Journal of Law
Maori Law Review
Masks: The Online Journal of Law and Theatre
Middle East Law and Governance
Owen Dixon Society ejournal
Tsinghua China Law Review

2010-2011 Approved Titles:

Alabama Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Law Review
Appeal: Review of Current Law and Law Reform
Arizona Journal of Environmental Law & Policy
Brigham Young University Education and Law Journal (title varies)
Brooklyn Journal of Corporate Financial and Commercial Law
Business Law Brief (Note: will be published as Business Law Review beginning in Fall 2011)
Charleston Law Review
Charlotte Law Review
City University of New York Law Review
Columbia Journal of Race and Law
Columbia Journal of Tax Law
Computer Law Review and Technology Journal (Continues Computer Section Reporter; continued by SMU Science and Technology Law Review)
Connecticut Insurance Law Journal
Connecticut Public Interest Law Journal
Creighton International and Comparative Law Journal
Criminal Law Brief
DePaul Journal for Social Justice
DePaul Journal of Sports Law and Contemporary Problems
Duke Forum for Law and Social Change
Duke Journal of Constitutional Law and Public Policy
The Dukeminier Awards Journal of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Law
Duquesne Business Law Journal
Elon Law review
Environmental and Energy Law and Policy Journal
Federal Courts Law Review
First Amendment Law Review
FIU Law Review
Florida A & M University Law Review
Florida Coastal Law Review
Freedom Center Journal
George Washington Journal of Energy and Environmental Law
Global Business Law Review
Harvard Business Law Review
Hastings Race and Poverty Law Journal
Human Rights & Globalization Law Review
I/S: A Journal of Law and Policy for the Information Society
Illinois Public Employee Relations Report
Immigration and Nationality Law Review
International Journal of Private Law
Irish Human Rights Law Review
John Marshall Law Journal
Journal of Consumer & Commercial Law
Journal of Food Law and Policy
Journal of Intellectual Property
Journal of International Aging, Law and Policy
Journal of International Business & Law
Journal of International Commercial Law and Technology
Journal of Law and Interdisciplinary Studies
Journal of Law and Social Policy
Journal of Law, Economics & Policy
Journal of Law, Technology & the Internet
Journal of National Security Law and Policy
Journal of Technology Law & Policy
Journal of the Professional Lawyer (continues Symposium issue of the Professional Lawyer)  MCode 3FXC
Journal of Transnational Law & Policy
Labor & Employment Forum
Loyola Maritime Law Journal
Nevada Law Journal
New England Journal of International and Comparative Law
NeXus Journal
North Carolina Journal of Law & Technology
Northeastern University Law Journal
Northwestern Journal of Technology and Intellectual Property
Northwestern University Journal of International Human Rights
NYU Journal of Law & Business
NYU Journal of Law & Liberty
Ohio State Entrepreneurial Business Law Journal
Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law
Oklahoma Journal of Law and Technology
Oregon Review of International Law
Penn State Environmental Law Review
Phoenix Law Review
Property Law Review
Regent Journal of Law and Public Policy
Resolved, Journal of Alternative Dispute Resolution
Review of Banking & Financial Law
Reynolds Courts & Media Law Journal
Richmond Journal of Law and the Public Interest
Rutgers Journal of Law and Public Policy
Rutgers Journal of Law and Religion
Rutgers Law Record
San Diego Journal of Climate and Energy Law
SMU Science and Technology Law Review
South Carolina Journal of International Law and Business
Tribal Law Journal
UC Irvine Law Review
UCLA Journal of Law & Technology
University of Baltimore Law Forum
University of Denver Criminal Law Review
University of Denver Sports & Entertainment Law Journal
University of Massachusetts Roundtable Symposium Law Journal
University of New Hampshire Law Review
University of Pennsylvania Journal of Law and Social Change
UNLV Gaming Law Journal
Washington and Lee University Journal of Energy, Climate and the Environment
Washington University Jurisprudence Review
William and Mary Business Law Review
WIPO Journal: Analysis and Debate of Intellectual Property Issues
Yearbook on Arbitration and Mediation

2010-2011 Rejected Titles:

Contemporary Asia Arbitration Journal
East Asian Law Journal
Georgetown Womens Law & Public Policy Fellowship Newsletters
Global Community Yearbook of International Law and Jurisprudence
Journal of Law, Philosophy and Culture
Ka He'e
Public Defender
Revista de la Maestra en Derecho Econamico -
Journal of Law, Economics and Regulation - Revue de Droit, Economie et Regulation

2009-2010 Approved Titles:

American Journal of Mediation
Building and Construction Law Journal
California International Law Journal (former title: California International Practitioner 1075-0649)
California Legal History
Chapman Law Review
Hastings Science and Technology Law Journal
Health Economics, Policy and Law
Houston Journal of Health Law and Policy
Human rights quarterly
International Journal of Children's Rights
International Journal of Technology Policy and Law (Title correction: formerly International Journal of Information Policy and Law)
International Journal of Transitional Justice
International Journal on Minority and Group Rights
Journal of Business, Entrepreneurship & the Law
Journal of International Criminal Justice
Journal of Law, Philosophy and Culture
Journal of Legal Analysis
Law and Practice of International Courts and Tribunals
Legal History Review (Tijdschrift voor Rechtsgeschiedenis)
Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights
Nordic Journal of International Law
Perspectives: Teaching Legal Research and Writing
Public Space: The Journal of Law and Social Justice
Santa Clara Journal of International Law
St. Louis Journal of Health Law and Policy
Southern New England Roundtable Symposium Law Journal
Tort Law Review
Veterans Law Review
Wake Forest Intellectual Property Law Journal

2009-2010 Rejected Titles:

Titles Rejected by Committee on Indexing of Periodical Literature 2009-2010
Adventurer (Forbes LLC)
All Things Considered (National Public Radio)
Asian Journal of Comparative Law (1932-0205)
Bankruptcy Strategist (0747-8917)
Business (Forbes LLC)
Celebrity Minute (Forbes LLC)
Commercial Leasing Law & Strategy (0898-5634)
Day to Day (National Public Radio)
e-Commerce Law & Strategy (1536-2698)
e-Discovery Law & Strategy
Electronic Journal of Comparative Law (1387-3091)
Employment Law Strategist (1069-7829)
Entrepreneurs (Forbes LLC)
European Journal of Migration and Law (1388-364X)
Fidelity & Surety Digest
Forbes Global (1467-1654)
Human Law (Newstex LLC)
Lifestyle (Forbes LLC)
LJN's Legal Tech Newsletter (1548-050X)
LJN's Product Liability Law & Strategy (1545-0252)
Markets (Forbes LLC)
Matrimonial Strategist (0736-4881)
Media (Forbes LLC)
Medical Malpractice Law & Strategy 0747-8925
Morning Education (National Public Radio)
News & Notes (National Public Radio)
Notes on the News (Forbes LLC)
NPR Special Coverage (National Public Radio)
NRO Radio (National Review, Inc)
NRO TV (National Review, Inc)
Real Estate (Forbes LLC)
Review of European Community and International Environmental Law* (0962-8797)
Southern Law Journal (1056-2184)
SportsMoney (Forbes LLC)
Stock of the Week (Forbes LLC)
StreetTalk (Forbes LLC)
Talk of the Nation (National Public Radio)
Talk of the Nation: Science Friday (National Public Radio)
Tavis Smiley (National Public Radio)
Technology (Forbes LLC)
Tell Me More (National Public Radio)
UNLV Gaming Research and Review Journal (1535-7589)
Vehicles (Forbes LLC)
Week Ahead (Forbes LLC)
Weekend All Things Considered (National Public Radio)
Weekend Edition Saturday (National Public Radio)

2008-2009 Approved Titles:

Affiliate (indexed)
African Journal of Legal Studies (not yet indexed)
Air and Space Lawyer (indexed)
Annual Survey of Bankruptcy Law (not yet indexed)
Artificial Intelligence and Law (indexed)
AsiaLaw (indexed)
Bifocal (indexed)
Business Entities (indexed)
Business Law Review (Bangor, Me) (indexed)
Business Law Today (indexed)
Child Law Practice Newsletter (indexed)
China Law Review (not yet indexed)
Columbia Science and Technology Law Review (not yet indexed)
Communications Lawyer (indexed)
Corporate Governance Law Review (1449-9029) (not yet indexed)
Corporate Governance: An International Review (0964-8410) (not yet indexed)
Criminal Law and Philosophy (indexed)
DePaul Journal of Health Care Law (not yet indexed)
Developments in Mental Health Law (indexed)
Dispute Resolution [Magazine] (indexed)
Drexel Law Review (not yet indexed)
East European Constitutional Review (not yet indexed)
European Competition Journal (indexed)
European Journal of International Law (indexed)
European Journal of Legal Education (not yet indexed)
European Law Journal (indexed)
European Public Law (indexed)
European Review of Contract Law (indexed)
Experience (indexed)
Federal Courts Law Review (not yet indexed)
FIU Law Review (not yet indexed)
Flinders Journal of Law Reform (not yet indexed)
Georgetown Journal of Law & Modern Critical Race Perspectives (not yet indexed)
Golden Gate University Environmental Law Review (indexed)
High Court Quarterly Review, The (indexed)
International Journal of Communications Law and Policy (not yet indexed)
International Journal of Cultural Property (indexed)
International Journal of Evidence and Proof (indexed)
International Journal of Nuclear Law (indexed)
International Journal of Punishment and Sentencing (indexed)
International Journal of Speech, Language and the Law (not yet indexed)
International Journal of the Legal Profession (not yet indexed)
Internet Journal of Law, Healthcare, & Ethics, The (indexed)
IPL Newsletter (Intellectual Property) (indexed)
Journal of Affordable Housing and Community Development Law (indexed)
Journal of Australian Taxation (not yet indexed)
Journal of Commonwealth Law and Legal Education (not yet indexed)
Journal of East European Law (not yet indexed)
Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy (indexed)
Journal of Health & Biomedical Law (not yet indexed)
Journal of High Technology Law, The (indexed)
Journal of Information Law and Technology (indexed)
Journal of International Biotechnology Law (indexed)
Journal of International Criminal Justice (not yet indexed)
Journal of International Law and International Relations (not yet indexed)
Journal of International Media & Entertainment Law (indexed)
Journal of International Wildlife Law & Policy (indexed)
Journal of Migration and Refugee Issues, The (indexed)
Journal of Private International Law (indexed)
Journal of Tort Law (not yet indexed)
Journal of Transnational Law and Policy (not yet indexed)
Journal of World Intellectual Property (indexed)
Labor & Employment Law (0193-5739) (indexed)
Law, Probability and Risk (indexed)
Law, Social Justice, and Global Development (indexed)
Legal Ethics (1460-728X) (not yet indexed)
Legal Writing Journal (not yet indexed)
MacQuarie Journal of Business Law (not yet indexed)
Managing Intellectual Property (indexed)
Michigan State Journal of International Law (not yet indexed)
NAELA Journal (not yet indexed)
New Zealand Business Law Quarterly (indexed)
New Zealand Journal of Taxation Law and Policy (indexed)
News Quarterly (Section of Taxation) (not yet indexed)
Perspectives (Chicago) (indexed)
Proceedings of the Annual Conference on Taxation (not yet indexed)
Procurement Lawyer (indexed)
Public Lawyer (indexed)
Regent Journal of International Law (indexed)
Review of Constitutional Studies (indexed)
Richmond Journal of Law and Technology (Online) (not yet indexed)
Russian Politics & Law (indexed)
San Diego International Law Journal (indexed)
SciTech Lawyer (not yet indexed)
Singapore Journal of Legal Studies (not yet indexed)
Singapore Year Book of International Law (not yet indexed)
SOLO [GP Solo] (indexed)
State & Local Tax Lawyer (not yet indexed)
Suffolk Journal of Trial & Appellate Advocacy (indexed)
Sustainable Development Law and Policy (not yet indexed)
TortSource (indexed)
Trends (indexed)
University of Ottawa Law and Technology Journal (not yet indexed)
University of Western Sydney Law Review (indexed)
Voice of Experience, The (indexed)
Web Journal of Current Legal Issues (not yet indexed)
Willamette Journal of International Law and Dispute Resolution (not yet indexed)
World Patent Information (not yet indexed)
World Trade Arbitration Materials (indexed)
Yearbook of New Zealand Jurisprudence (not yet indexed)
Young Lawyer (indexed)