Online Only! Test Your Critical Thinking

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Did you guess the mystery animal in the photo from The Art of Storytelling?

Well . . . 

. . . It's a skunk! We all know what skunks look like, right? Wrong! Skunks have all different kinds of markings. Some are all white, others are all black, and some are even spotted!

An older lady I know has a cat colony she feeds on her property. Three families of skunks moved in, and they love the cat food too! They all eat together.  

Here are a couple more photos. One picture has a family, with a mama, a daddy and a baby. Another has a teenage skunk raising his tail in a warning . . . “This is my chicken salad!” (The lady's well-meaning daughter regularly brings food over, which the skunks get to enjoy as soon as the daughter leaves.)   




I use these pictures to teach my students to dig deeper in their research. Even if you "know" something to be true, you could still be wrong . . .

Elizabeth Christian (, Assistant Law Librarian for Reference, Emory Law Library, Atlanta