May 2014


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  • V.18 N.7 (May 2014) issue in its entirety

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  • Public Relations: How Do You Library?

    A comparison of the marketing techniques of Florida law school libraries
    By Shira Megerman
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  • Spectrum's 14th Annual Architecture Series

    Spectrum shares the remodel and renovation stories of six member law libraries
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  • A Home for Library

    Irell & Manella resizes and relocates
    By Marissa Andrea
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  • Moving on Up: To a Deluxe Library in the Sky

    Charlotte School of Law Library moves into a new, tailored space
    By Ashley Moye, Brian Trippodo, Erica Tyler, and Kim Allman
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  • Linchpin of the Law School

    The University of California, Irvine School of Law Library expands and improves
    By Jessica Wimer
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  • Collaborative Spaces

    UNT I Dallas College of Law Library prepares to welcome the school's inaugural class
    By Ginger B. Fearey
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  • Long-Distance Connection

    Thomas M. Cooley Law School's new Florida campus and law library
    By Duane Strojny and Bryan van Pottelsberghe
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  • What Does Public Access Look Like?

    The Los Angeles Law Library Undergoes a Dramatic Transformation
    By Sandra J. Levin and Jaye Steinbrick
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  • The Tip of the Iceberg

    Legal intelligence platform delivers "Insights"
    By Jeffrey A. Bois
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  • Law Library Depositories: the Next 200 Years

    Part of our ability to positively shape government information policy lies in our participation in the FDLP
    By Peggy Roebuck Jarrett and Susan Lyons
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  • Beyond Our Boundaries

    Quick day trips to take while visiting San Antonio
    By Stacy Fowler and Liana Morales
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  • Yin & Yang in Legal Research Instruction

    Finding the balance between tradition and technology
    By Michelle Hook Dewey and Heather J. E. Simmons
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  • From the Editor

    What Are You Doing This Weekend?
    By Catherine A. Lemmer
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  • From the President

    The Next Big Thing
    By Steven P. Anderson
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  • Washington Brief

    Congratulations to the 2014 Recipients of the Oakley Advocacy and PAGI Awards!
    By Susan Nevelow Mart
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  • From the Treasurer

    Looking Back on AALL's 2013 Fiscal Year
    By Gail Warren
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  • The Reference Desk

    Recently, my position as a firm librarian was eliminated and I was let go. At my exit interview, my supervisor explained that if she were to be contacted as a reference, she would only be able to verify my dates of employment. I asked a co-worker if she would serve as a reference and she agreed to do so. A few days later, she contacted me and related that our mutual supervisor informed her that she couldn't serve as my reference. I'm concerned that without some reference from my former employer, it will be difficult for me to explain to potential employers why I left the position. Whose name should I provide as a reference when I apply for other positions?
    By Susan Catterall
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  • The Sustainable Law Librarian

    What Did the Wild Winter Mean for Climate Change?
    By David Selden
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  • Member to Member

    What is a memorable outing, team-building activity, or experience that you have had with a colleague?
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  • Announcements

    Member news and memorials
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  • Views from You

    Looking out from Dorraine Zief Law Library at the University of San Francisco School of Law
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  • The CRIV Sheet

    Volume 36, Number 3
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  • May 2014 Cover

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