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2013–2014 ALL-SIS Committee Annual Reports

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Shawn Friend
Florida Coastal School of Law

The 2013-2014 ALL-NEW Committee is chaired by Shawn Friend. Members include: Beth Adelman, Christine Ciambella, Whitney Curtis, Patricia Dickerson, Sara Gras, Loren Turner, and Stephanie Ziegler.

The ALL-NEW committee is striving to build off of the success of last year’s roundtable event in Seattle by planning another informative roundtable and also working to create new programs and resources for new members to the profession. These projects are ongoing and are expected to help build more support for new librarians as they enter into the profession.

Outside of the roundtable, the committee is working on two main projects. The first project is creating a “cheat sheet” for new librarians that will include quick information about ‘go to’ resources members have found useful for answering questions. The committee hopes to post the cheat sheet online once it is complete. The committee’s second project is developing a tool kit for new librarians. This kit will provide new librarians with contact information of committee members so new librarians can begin building their network, the cheat sheet, and a round-up of tips and information gained from this year’s roundtable.

The planned roundtable for this year is building upon the success of last year. Topics for this year are still being decided, but the committee hopes to include topics new librarians might be afraid to ask questions about and also topics that will help them build a solid foundation as they begin their career.

ALL-NEW is also working with Gen X / Gen Y to assist new law librarians with building their support structure and promote the activities of each SIS. ALL-NEW is also hoping to work with any new librarians who are interested in having a conference buddy during their first conference. ALL-NEW is excited about the projects we have started and is looking forward to the future.

And remember, if you see a new librarian wandering around, especially in San Antonio, welcome them to the profession and give them a heads up on the best social events to attend!


Irene Crisci
Gould Law Library
Touro Law Center

The ALL-SIS Awards Committee recognizes deserving librarians with Awards and Grants, and was very active this year.

The 2013–2014 ALL-SIS Awards committee consisted of Irene Crisci, Touro Law Center; Kathleen Darvil, Brooklyn Law School; Joyce Janto, University of Richmond, School of Law; Cathy Wagar, Loyola University New Orleans; Michael Whiteman, N.K.U. Chase College of Law; Annmarie Zell, N.Y.U. Law School.

GRANTS: The Executive Board approved a grant in the sum of $750 for a librarian to attend the Leadership Academy in April. In addition, the Executive Board authorized two (2) $1000 stimulus grants this year to assist with costs associated with attending the Annual Meeting, and two (2) $500 CONELL grants. This year’s grant recipients were:

  • Active Member Stimulus Grant: Ronald E. Wheeler, University of San Francisco, School of Law;
  • Regular Member Stimulus Grant: Laura Ross, Touro Law Center;
  • CONELL Grant: Tara Mospan, Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law; Arizona State Uni-versity;
  • CONELL Grant: Matthew E. Flyntz, student, University of Washington;
  • AALL Leadership Academy: Patrick Butler, University of Connecticut, School of Law.

AWARDS: The ALL-SIS Awards Committee was pleased to receive a number of awards nominations. After much deliberation, the committee selected the following award recipients:

  • 2013 Frederick Charles Hicks Award for Outstanding Contributions to Academic Law Librarianship: Janet Sinder, Brooklyn Law School;
  • 2013 ALL-SIS Outstanding Service Award: Barbara Traub, St. John’s University, School of Law;
  • 2013 ALL-SIS Outstanding Article Award: Cindy Guyer, University of Southern California, Gould School of Law.

RECOGNITION OF WINNERS: These grant and award winners will be recognized at the ALL-SIS Reception and Awards Ceremony to be held on Sunday, July 13, 2014, 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. at the Sarita Kenedy East Law Library, St. Mary’s University School of Law, during the 2014 AALL meeting.


Lynn Wishart
Yeshiva Univ.
Cardozo Law Library

In July 2013 the SIS membership voted to adopt revised ALL-SIS Bylaws that conformed to the AALL Model Bylaws and current SIS practices and also defined some new practices.

The 2013-14 Bylaws Committee suggested that one new article be considered for addition to the bylaws. The proposed bylaw, “Antidiscrimination,” conforms to the AALL Bylaw adopted in February 2014. If approved by the Executive Board and adopted by ALL-SIS, its inclusion as Article III would necessitate the renumbering of existing Articles III through IX to become Articles IV through X.

Members of the 2013-14 Bylaws Committee were Emily Lawson, Ronald Wheeler, Sue Kelleher, and Lynn Wishart, chair.


Sara Sampson
Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

This year was the first year for the reconfigured CALI committee. The committee’s charge was to work with CALI to develop new instructional tools. To that end, the committee met at the 2013 Annual meeting and brainstormed ideas for the coming year. We decided to focus on developing ways to promote CALI, coming up with new ideas for using CALI resources, supporting our members’ attendance at the CALI conference, and brainstorming new tools and lessons. During the meeting, we identified technology basics, document preparation, and courtroom technology as potential new CALI lessons. The committee proposed, and the ALL-SIS board approved, a CALI travel grant to be adminis-tered by the awards committee.

The committee also issued a Call for Ideas to Promote CALI tools and resources. These materials can still be submitted to the committee.

Members included Ashley Ahlbrand, Lorell Anderson, Kevin Baggett, Iain Barksdale, Shannon Kemen, Susanna Leers, Alex Berrio Matamoros, and Michael Roffer.

Respectfully submitted.

Sara Sampson, Chair

Collection Development

Theodora Belniak
S.U.N.Y. Buffalo Law School

The Collection Development Committee held a conference call in the beginning of the academic year to determine its direction and goals for the next few years. Through our conversations, we decided to tackle the following projects over the course of 2013-2015:

  • Four moderated e-forum discussions via the MyCommunities platform in 2013-2014.
  • A collection development toolkit.
  • Updating the ALL-SIS Collection Develop-ment Committee’s collection development policy page.
  • Updating the resources and links listed on the ALL-SIS Collection Development page.
  • Planning the roundtable for this year’s annual conference.
E-Forum Discussions, 2013-14

The wonderful discussions generated at the annual meetings’ Collection Development roundtable and the ALCTS e-forums served as inspiration for the Committee’s e-forums. The Committee moderated four discussions via MyCommunities in 2013-2014. The topics and dates we decided on were:

  • E-books and consortial agreements, October 21-23, 2013, moderated by Susan Gualtier, Maureen Garmon, and Kevin Carey.
  • Patron-driven acquisitions, December 9-11, 2013, moderated by Rebecca Mattson and Diana Jaque.
  • Changing ABA standards, February 10-12, 2014, moderated by Jane Woldow, Patricia Fox, and Theo Belniak.
  • Collection development in different institu-tions, April 14-16, 2014, moderated by Helen Wohl, Michelle Cosby, and Theo Belniak.

Although the Committee established a special community in MyCommunities, “ALL-SIS Collection Development E-Forums,” for the discussions and 120 members signed up for the community, the conversations were less lively than the Committee expected. The Committee plans to deploy a short survey to the special community’s members to define barriers to participation and potential topics for future forums.

Collection Development Toolkit, 2013-15

Much like the useful toolkits established by many other ALL-SIS committees, the Committee has decided to create a toolkit for those interested in collection development. This year, we established a rough outline for the toolkit, and are currently gathering articles focused on topics related to collection development.

If you have a topic you’d like to see included or would like to draft a portion of the toolkit, please contact the Committee’s chair, Theo Belniak, Your expertise and opinions are welcome.

Updating the Committee’s Webpages on, 2013-15
Collection Development Policies on File with the Committee, 2013-15

This year, Committee members have attempted to contact all of the ABA-accredited law schools to update the collection of policies gathered on the Committee’s webpage, The Committee chair is working with ALL-SIS’s excellent webmaster, Creighton Miller, to update the page with the new policies over the next few months.

For those who have replied to our call for your collection development policy, thank you! This compilation is a useful community resource, and couldn’t exist without you.

If your institution has updated its collection development policy recently, please feel free to forward the link to your policy or a PDF of your policy to the Committee’s chair, Theo Belniak,

Resources and Links, 2013-2015

The Committee plans to revise its pages in order to update available re-sources, links, and contact information in 2014-2015. Preliminary work in 2013-14 included a cursory review of the pages made available by the Committee. Discussion of next steps will occur after this year’s annual meeting.

2014 Annual Roundtable Discussion

As in past years, the Committee will be hosting a roundtable. This year’s roundtable slot is:

  • Monday, July 14, 2014 at 5:30pm, location TBA.

The Committee had a conference call scheduled for May 29th to discuss the roundtable and other projects, so stay tuned for an announcement about the topics and format of the roundtable before the annual meeting.

The conversation is always interesting and inspiring, and it is a good peek into how others are thinking about and working with collections. We hope to see you there!

Committee Members: Theodora Belniak (chair), Kevin Carey, Michelle Cosby, Patricia Fox, Maureen Garmon, Susan Gualtier, Diana Jaque, Rebecca Mattson, Helen Wohl, and Jane Woldow.

Faculty Services 

Christina Tsou
Univ. of California at Irvine, and
Seth Quidachay-Swan
University of Michigan

The 2013-2014 ALL-SIS Faculty Services Committee consists of the following members: Lance Burke, Maureen Cahill, Walt Cook, Katy Stein, Morgan Stoddard, Timothy Von Dulm, I-Wei Wang, and Candle Wester. Seth Quidachay-Swan and Christina Tsou are Co-Chairs of the committee. In the past year, the committee focused on three main projects: (1) improving the Faculty Services Committee website with recommended changes and updated information; (2) compiling and summarizing the responses to the 2013 Faculty Services Survey; and (3) preparing for the 2014 Annual Meeting’s Faculty Services Roundtable.

The website project entailed reviewing the cur-rent ALL-SIS Faculty Services website to deter-mine which changes were appropriate. Not only was the formatting changed but outdated and ir-relevant information, such as old meeting minutes, was removed. All links to faculty services web-pages from various law schools were also up-dated. The new committee website is available at:

The survey project involved reviewing the 75 responses from the 2013 Faculty Services Survey, categorizing the responses, and tabulating or otherwise presenting the data graphically. A summary report was produced and posted onto the new committee website. This survey was particularly useful and timely because it updated a previous 2005 survey and provided information about developing trends and the changing dynamics of faculty services in academic law libraries.

Lastly, the committee planned for the upcoming Faculty Services Roundtable at the 2014 AALL Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas. This year, there will be three roundtable discussions: (1) the role of non-traditional faculty services and how to expand their use in libraries; (2) the divide between different generations of faculty members and how to best meet each group’s needs with new technologies; and (3) a look at innovative new approaches to providing faculty ser-vices. The Roundtable will be held on Monday, July 14, 2014 from 11:45 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. in HBGCC-Room 007D. We look forward to a lively discussion of these topics and the opportunity to learn from our colleagues.

Legal Research & Sourcebook

Deborah Schander
Georgia State University College of Law Library

The Legal Research & Sourcebook Committee began its year with another successful roundtable at the AALL Annual Meeting in Seattle. This lunchtime session featured 10 tables, each discuss-ing various aspects of legal research instruction and training, including demonstrating multiple platforms during classroom time, creating complex research exercises, flipping the classroom, and teaching non-JD students. The roundtable also featured a chance to discuss the results of the ALL-SIS Task Force on Identifying Skills and Knowledge for Legal Practice’s report. The notes from this session are available on the committee’s webpage.

The committee will be hosting this year’s roundtable at the San Antonio Annual Meeting as well. Come join us on Monday, July 14 from 11:45 a.m. – 12:45 p.m. in the Marriott Rivercenter-Salon K. More information about the roundtable will be distributed to ALL-SIS members closer to the Annual Meeting.

Thanks to the time and efforts of Creighton Miller, the ALL-SIS webmaster, the Sourcebook for Teaching Legal Research was successfully migrated to the new AALLNET website platform this year. One significant change as a result of this migration is that the Sourcebook can now be accessed with an AALLNET login rather than a separate username and password, as required in the past.

The committee also took a serious look at the current content in the Sourcebook, discussing ways to keep submissions as up-to-date and useful as possible. Due to ongoing development and changes to legal research platforms and materials, the Sourcebook must also continue to provide current materials to ALL-SIS members too. All current Sourcebook authors are invited to consider updating their existing materials; and new submissions are always welcome as well! Materials may be submitted at any time to the current committee chair.

Committee Members: Deborah Schander (chair), Jane Bahnson, Jan Bissett, Catherine Deane, Michelle Hook Dewey, George Jackson, Karen Skinner, Marsha Stacey, Roberta Woods.

Library Marketing & Outreach

Shira Megerman
Univ. of Florida College of Law

Original Charge
  • Create a report and compile appropriate materials to assist academic law libraries in marketing their services to their patrons. If possible, compile a marketing toolkit with resources libraries can customize to their own needs. The Task Force will make all of their materials available online for ALL-SIS members.
  • By December 1, 2012 deliver to the Executive Board a finalized report that will be made available to ALL-SIS members.
  • Authors on the White Paper, toolkit, and members of the Task Force included Amanda Runyon, Chair (University of Michigan), Carol A. Watson (University of Georgia), Cindy Dabney (Indiana University--Bloomington), Liz McCurry Johnson (Wake Forest University), Emily Lawson (University of Houston), Shira Megerman (University of Florida), Jamie Sommer (Northwestern University), T.J. Striepe (University of Georgia), Michele Thomas (University of Arkansas—Little Rock).
White Paper

The Task Force completed and submitted a White Paper to Law Library Journal, and it was published in the Fall 2013 issue.

  • Marketing and Outreach in Law Libraries: A White Paper, 105 Law Libr. J. 525 (Fall 2013)
  • The online toolkit is found at:
  • Designed to accompany the White Paper, the toolkit expands on theories discussed in the White Paper and provides concrete examples for members.
  • The information in the toolkit was collected in several different ways. General research was conducted on marketing and outreach for libraries, and a bibliography was compiled. Requests were made to different communities on AALLNET, and the Task Force was therefore able to collect actual items used by different libraries, such as job descriptions, annual reports, brochures, etc. The Task Force also hosted a roundtable discussion at the 2012 and 2013 annual conferences, and the committee plans on hosting one again this year. The discussion notes from those meetings can be added to the toolkit for members to discover what marketing and outreach techniques worked, and which failed at different libraries. Moving forward, it is projected the committee will do most of its work through the expansion of the toolkit.

Upon recommendation of the Task Force upon its close in July 2013, the ALL-SIS Executive Board, transitioned the task force into a committee, and members were appointed. As this was the first year of the committee, the charge was to continue the work of the task force, and a new charge to be determined as the committee develops.

Committee Members: Shira Megerman, Chair (University of Florida), Rob Beharriell (Nova Southeastern University), Cindy Dabney (Indiana University—Bloomington), Liz McCurry Johnson (Wake Forest University), Karin Johnsrud (Supreme Court Library), Thomas “TJ” Striepe (University of Georgia).


Lisa M. Parisi

Hello everyone,

Here is a rundown of the committee's responsibilities completed this year. The basic charge of the ALL-SIS Membership Committee is listed at The Committee work includes sending the Welcome Kit (email) to each new member, and writing profile articles for the newsletter. We began our outreach to members when we received the ALL-SIS roster from Meg Butler, Secretary-Treasurer. Several of our committee members volunteered to send out the ALL-SIS welcome kits to new members and the other members divided up new-member articles, spotlighting members for the newsletters.

The committee also brainstormed and submitted suggestions to the AALL Recruitment to Law Librarianship special interest section to help in their efforts to revamp and update the SIS website this year.

Respectively Submitted,

Lisa Parisi, Sarah Gotschall, Adeen Postar, Deborah Heller, Matthew Steinke, Minerva Mims


Barbara Gellis Traub
St. John’s University

The 2013 - 2014 Newsletter Committee consisted of Barbara Gellis Traub, Chair, Rittenberg Law Library, St. John‘s University School of Law; Marlene Harmon, University of California Berkeley Law Library; Jocelyn Kennedy, University of Connecticut Thomas J. Meskill Law Library; Ruth Levor, University of San Diego Legal Research Center; Taryn Rucinski, Pace University School of Law Library; Margaret Schilt, University of Chicago D'Angelo Law Library; Nina Scholtz, Cornell University Law Library; and Thomas Sneed, Emory University, Hugh F. MacMillan Law Library. Our Board Liaison was Leah Sandwell-Weiss. Our three regular issues this year were published on October 10, 2013, February 4, 2014, and approximately June 20, 2014; the election issue was published on March 10, 2014.

Highlights of this year’s issues:

  • At the suggestion of new committee member Ruth Levor, we inaugurated a new column, “Great Ideas from the Halls of Academe”, in which Ruth solicits and shares successeful (and not-so-successful) library innovations. Ideas shared included the University of San Diego’s Info Station, innovations in teaching legal research by the librarians at the University of San Francisco Zief Law Library, and the Excellence in Research program at Texas Tech.
  • Committee members and 15 other ALL-SIS members wrote articles covering more than 25 programs and other activities at the 2013 Annual Meeting in Seattle (Fall issue). In addition the winners of the CONELL grants shared their experiences.
  • In addition to our regular columns, the Winter issue published 7 articles submitted by non-Committee members. These articles covered:
    • “Spreading Holiday Cheer as Exams Draw Near” (Kristen R. Moore, Stetson University College of Law);
    • “Augmenting Reality in the Law Library” (April Hathcock, University of South Carolina School of Law);
    • “PORTT: The Legal Research Certification Program at Penn State Law” (Laura J. Ax-Fultz, Penn State Dickinson School of Law);
    • “Promoting the Law Library as a Gathering Place” (Mary Ann Neary and Filippa Marullo Anzalone, Boston College Law School);
    • “Meeting with Local Colleagues to Dis-cuss Ideas for Teaching Legal Research” (Michelle Cosby, North Carolina Central University School of Law);
    • “Combining Forces” (Nicole Belbin, Western New England University School of Law); and
    • Flipped Classrooms (Susan M. Boland, University of Cincinnati Law Library).
  • Articles in the Spring/Summer issue include an “Chat Services in Academic Law Libraries” (Ingrid Mattson, Moritz Law Library, Ohio State University); “Leadership Academy 2014” (Patrick Butler, University of Connecticut School of Law); and “ALL-SIS Sourcebook for Teaching Legal Research (Karen Skinner, Univ. of Southern California Gould School of Law on behalf of the Sourcebook Committee). The Spring/Summer issue also includes ALL-SIS Committee Annual Reports, regular co-umns, and a preview of the Annual Meeting in San Antonio.

Committee members (and former committee members) again contributed welcome advice (including much critical proof-reading) and articles:

  • Yasmin Sokkar Harker continued “Law Librarian in the Dark” (a favorite of mine) in the Fall and Spring/Summer issues with reviews of “A Flash of Genius” and “The House I Live In.”
  • Thomas continued the “Collaborative Law Librarian” column which appeared in Fall, Winter, and Spring/Summer issues. The first PLL-SIS contribution appeared in the Winter issue: Sarah Mauldin of Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP in Atlanta wrote “Why Johnnie Can’t Word Process.”
  • Taryn reviewed “Igniting Faculty Services in Your Library” program from the 2013 Annual Meeting, and contributed an article about Administrative Agency Bluebook Citations to the Winter Issue.
  • Margaret reviewed the AALL Leadership Training at the 2013 Annual Meeting.
  • Ruth’s column appeared in all three issues, sharing many innovative ideas.
  • Marlene and Nina revitalized our Member News column by soliciting lots of announce-ments for all three issues.

Again this year, we had a good number of articles submitted by librarians who were not on the Newsletter Committee. I hope this trend continues in the future. Reviews of 2013 Annual Meeting programs were written by Deborah Schander, Susanna Leers, Kim Castellano, Benjamin Keele, I-Wei Wang, Jennifer Allison, Brendan Starkey, Jennifer Noga, Jackie Magagnosc, Anna Endter, Edward Hart, Marsha Stacey, Alicia Jones, and Shaun Jamison. Articles published in the Winter and Spring/Summer issues are highlighted above.

A major housekeeping matter was the collection of all print copies of the Newletter in order for them to be posted to Spinelli’s Law Library Reference Shelf on HeinOnline. We were able to obtain all issues since the inception of the newsletter, with the exception of Volume 1, and Volume 2, Issue 1. According to Richard Spinelli from HeinOnline the collection will be released June 30, 2013.

Thank you to all the authors, whether members of the committee or not. Your work and scholarship is greatly appreciated by colleagues, I am sure. Thanks also to Lauren, Leah, and the ALL-SIS Board for support and guidance during the 2013-2014 year. Finally, I want to especially thank Leah Sandwell-Weiss for her friendship and guidance over the last four years. I could not have done this without you! I now give up responsibility for the ALL-SIS Newsletter to our new Editor, I-Wei Wang. Best of Luck!

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Gellis Traub
Chair & Editor, ALL-SIS Newsletter
June 2014


Edward T. Hart
U.N.T. Dallas College of Law

The 2013-2014 ALL-SIS Nominations Committee was comprised of three members: Edward Hart (Chair), Jane Larrington, and Donna Nixon.

The Committee started its work in December, issuing a call for nominees and volunteers for the positions of Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect and Secretary-Treasurer.

After the call for nominations was sent to the ALL-SIS membership the next step was to choose the candidates for this year’s election. Criteria normally considered when selecting candidates include geographic diversity, previous work for ALL-SIS and AALL, length of ALL-SIS membership, and anything demonstrating the ability to responsibly serve as an officer.

The Committee received numerous nominations for each position. The collection of nominees was as geographically diverse as possible with no adjustments from the Committee. All nominees were highly qualified. At the same time all of the nominees had demonstrated a commitment to serving AALL and ALL-SIS. As a result, weeding nominees was fairly difficult.

The Committee chose two names for each office to forward to the Secretary/Treasurer for the election. Nonetheless, the nominations process went very well and we were fortunate to have a uniformly well-qualified list of nominees. The final slate was as follows:

  • For Vice-Chair/Chair Elect the candidates were:
    • Michelle Cosby—North Carolina Central University
    • Jocelyn Kennedy—University of Connecticut
  • For Secretary-Treasurer the candidates were:
    • Kelly Leong—Duke University
    • Susan David deMaine—Indiana University-Indianapolis

As Chair I would like to take this opportunity to thank my Committee for their hard work and, above all else, responsiveness. Their willingness and enthusiasm for serving made my job both easy and pleasurable.

Public Relations 

Valerie Aggerbeck
Univ. of St. Thomas School of Law

The ALL-SIS Public Relations committee met at the AALL annual meeting in Seattle, where we discussed our work for the coming year and divided tasks.

One role of the committee is to solicit news from ALL-SIS officers and committees throughout the year and submit it to AALL Spectrum. One of our committee members emailed ALL-SIS officers throughout the year requesting information about awards, meetings, and other news; unfortunately, we received few responses to our inquiries.

Second, the committee reviewed the ALL-SIS brochure to make sure it was up-to-date.

Finally, the committee was in charge of selecting and ordering the items (and the sayings on the items) to be given away at AALL in San Antonio. We chose great ones this year so make sure to stop by the ALL-SIS table at the CONELL Marketplace and at the Annual Meeting Exhibit Hall.

Additional information on the ALL-SIS Public Relations committee, including brochures, can be found on its website at

I would like to thank each of the committee members for their excellent work. The 2013–2014 ALL-SIS Public Relations committee included Esther Cho, Georgetown University; Adrienne DeWitt, North Carolina Central University; Julia Jaet, Marquette University; and Eric Young, Nova Southeastern University.

Respectfully submitted,
Valerie Aggerbeck
Chair, ALL-SIS Public Relations Committee

Research & Scholarship

D.R. Jones
Univ. of Memphis

During this year the Research and Scholarship Committee successfully implemented the Scholarly Writing Mentor Program, which is a scholarly writing network and support program for law librarians. At least 40 mentees were paired with mentors during the year for advice and consultation on their writing projects. The program is the work of the Scholarly Writing Mentor Program Sub-Committee (Carla Wale, Chair). Law librarians interested in participating as a mentee or mentor are encouraged to email

Committee members organized and presented an informative AALL webinar entitled What’s in Your Toolbox?: Tools to Organize Your Research, Scholarship, or Professional Writing. The webinar was presented on May 22, 2014. The coordinator for the program was committee member Ellen Richardson. Committee Chair D.R. Jones was the moderator and committee members Carla Wale, Ben Keele and Jordan Jefferson were speakers. Also speaking in the webinar were Sherry Leyson and Tim Gallina. The webinar focused on tools to help librarians organize, write, edit and share their scholarship and professional writing.

The Grant Program Sub-Committee (Ben Keele, Chair) is developing a research and scholarship grant program.

The Research and Scholarship Committee maintains a wiki to provide information and resources for law librarians interested in scholarship. The wiki is available at

Student Services

Frances M. Brillantine
Catholic Univ. of America

ALL-SIS Student Services Web Page

Joe Mitzenmacher and Erin Schlicht re-vamped the Student Services web page by organizing and adding content, including materials from past programs and roundtable discussions.

Student Services Toolkit

Amy Ash, Stacy Etheredge, Rob Beharriell, Frances Brillantine, Margaret Krause and Jacob Sayward continued the work begun on this project by the 2012-2013 committee, compiling job de-scriptions, a student services bibliography, infor-mation on marketing, and information on services offered to students. The Toolkit was posted to the Student Services website in February.

Student Services Websites & User Guides

Jackie Woodside and Maureen Moran updated this resource by adding links to all defined student service pages for all ABA-accredited law libraries. They also edited and updated the user guide section of the page to include only user guides that are not directly linked from student services websites.

Roundtable Discussion at AALL in San Antonio

The Student Services Roundtable at AALL will take place on Monday, July 14, at 5:30pm. Margaret Krause, Joe Mitzenmacher, Jacob Sayward and Rob Beharriell will moderate discussions on a variety of topics. Notes from the roundtable will be posted on the Students Services website after the meeting.

2013-2014 Committee Members

Frances Brillantine, Chair (Catholic University of America);
Amy Ash (Thomas M. Cooley);
Rob Beharriell (NOVA Southeastern University);
Stacy Etheredge (West Virginia University);
Margaret Krause (Georgetown University);
Joe Mitzenmacher (Loyola University – Chicago);
Maureen Moran (University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law);
Jacob Sayward (Fordham University);
Erin Schlicht (University of Minnesota); and
Jackie Woodside (University of California, Irvine).

Task Force on Best Practices for the 21st Century Law Library

Kristina L. Niedringhaus
Georgia State Univ.

The Task Force was charged with collecting data from various law schools about how they are responding to current trends affecting libraries such as shrinking student bodies, shrinking budgets, choice of format, and space concerns. The Task Force has identified several existing sources of information such as the ABA Take Offs, a survey conducted by TS-SIS in 2011-2012, and ARL survey data. In addition, the Task Force has directed a survey for academic law library directors and is currently seeking IRB approval to administer the survey.

Members of the Task Force will host a roundtable at the San Antonio Annual Meeting to discuss findings thus far and seek input from attendees. The roundtable will be on Sunday, July 13, 2013, 5:30-6:30pm.

I would like to thank each of the Task Force members for their work on this project. The 2013-2015 Task Force consisted of Kristina L. Niedringhaus, Georgia State University, Co-chair; Rhea Ballard-Thrower, Howard University, Co-chair; Barbara Bintliff, University of Texas; Ken Hirsh, University of Cincinnati; Eric Parker, Northwestern University; Phebe Poydras, Indiana Tech; David Zopfi-Jordan, University of Minnesota.

Respectfully submitted,

Kristina L. Niedringhaus
Co-chair, ALL-SIS Task Force on Identifying Best Practices for the 21st Century Academic Law Library

Task Force on Identifying Skills & Knowledge for Legal Practice

Susan Nevelow Mart Univ. Colorado

The Task Force on Identifying Skills & Knowledge for Legal Practice is putting the finishing touches on its second report, comparing practitioner and librarian responses to the surveys we prepared on legal research practices and on the opinions of new associates’ research skills. The report will focus on the statistically significant differences in the responses made by practitioners and by librarians. An appendix will summarize the librarian responses, and both the practioner report and the full survey instruments from 2013 are available if you click on the task force name.

The Task Force will continue its work on the qualitative analysis of our survey responses and will report those findings in 2015. The Task Force is also working on a survey on legal research offerings, both first year and advanced, and will have its report ready for 2015.




Historical Committee Reports: