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2012–2013 ALL-SIS Committee Annual Reports

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Jane Larrington
Univ. of San Diego
Legal Research Center

The ALL-SIS Awards Committee was very active again this year. The ALL-SIS offered a new grant in the amount of $1000 for a member to attend the 2013 AALL Management Institute. The Executive Board authorized two $1000 stimulus grants again this year to assist with costs associated with attending the Annual Meeting. We also offered two $500 CONELL grants. This year’s grant recipients were:

  • AALL Management Institute – Maribel Hilo Nash
  • Active Member Stimulus Grant – Frances M. Brillantine
  • Regular Member Stimulus Grant – Emily Roberts
  • CONELL Grant – Stacy Posillico
  • CONELL Grant – Isaac Samuels

The ALL-SIS Awards Committee was pleased to receive a number of awards nominations. After much deliberation, the committee selected the following award recipients:

  • 2013 Frederick Charles Hicks Award for Outstanding Contributions to Academic Law Librarianship — Judith M. Wright
  • 2013 ALL-SIS Outstanding Service Award — Creighton J. Miller, Jr.
  • 2013 ALL-SIS Outstanding Article Award — Lee F. Peoples

These grant and award winners will be recognized at the ALL-SIS Reception and Awards Ceremony to be held on Sunday, July 14, 2013, 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. at the University of Washington Law School, during the 2013 AALL meeting.

I would like to thank each of the committee members for their excellent work. The 2012–2013 ALL-SIS Awards committee consisted of Jane Larrington, University of San Diego, Chair; Irene Crisci, Touro College; Lisa Goodman, Texas Wesleyan University; Matthew M. Morrison, Cornell University; Cathy Wagar, Loyola University (New Orleans); Annmarie Zell, New York University.

Additional information on ALL-SIS awards and grants can be found at the ALL-SIS Awards Committee website at

Respectfully submitted,

Jane Larrington
Chair, ALL-SIS Awards Committee




Kris Niedringhaus
Georgia State Univ.
College of Law Library

The CALI Committee has been busy this year working in conjunction with Sarah Glassmeyer, Director of Content Development at CALI, to review lessons and recruit new authors. Since AALL 2012 ten new legal research CALI lessons have been reviewed by the Committee and 7 new lessons have been updated and republished under CALI’s Reviser Project. The CALI Reviser Project was started several years ago to provide updating for lessons that the original authors no longer wished to update. The Reviser Project is an excellent way to try out being a CALI author without committing to writing an entire lesson. More information about the CALI Reviser Project is available at You can sign up for an RSS feed to be updated when new CALI lessons are published or revised. Sign up and see a list of lessons at or CALI will once again be hosting a booth in the exhibit area at AALL in Seattle and CALI staff and authors will be available throughout the conference to speak with you about being an author, reviser, or using the lessons in your teaching. Stop by the booth to learn more about CALI lessons and other CALI projects such as Classcaster, eLangdell or InstaPoll.

Collection Development

Lisa Junghahn
Harvard Law School Library

The ALL-SIS Collection Development Committee met at the annual meeting in Boston, where we discussed our work as selectors and acquisition librarians. One thing that flowed from our conversation is that one role of the Committee is to act as a support group for our collections work. To that end, this year, we communicated among ourselves as a friendly way to discuss collection policies, practices, trends and disasters – mostly on meta-plans for collecting within libraries.

In March, an active committee member sent an email requesting our collective wisdom on the question of stewardship in the collection as it relates to ABA standards, budgets and space constraints. Different committee members responded. From this discussion, the Committee developed the below coffee talk to be held at this year’s annual AALL meeting:

“Where Do We Begin? What the Proposed Revisions to ABA Standard 606 Will Mean for Your Collection – and Your Budget”?

The coffee talk is open to all and will be held on Tuesday, July 16 at 7:30 in the convention center. Check here for the exact location:

In addition, there will be a Collection Development roundtable hour on Monday, July 15 at 5:30 pm. Check here for information on location:

The roundtable is an open forum and the conversation will be directed by those who come. Some potentially interesting areas of focus may be on what, if anything, libraries are doing with ebooks – including effect on budgets, cataloging, platforms, technologies, managing updates, and tracking user statistics. Another possible topic is how libraries are considering the stewardship of materials they no longer own.

Potential projects for the coming year are: to create a list of cooperative and other collaborative collection programs; and update the committee’s website of materials, including collection development policies (

Faculty Services 

Jessica Wimer
Law Library of Univ. of California – Irvine

The 2012-2013 ALL-SIS Faculty Services Committee members include: Maggie Adams, Walt Cook, Bill Ketchum, Lisa Peters, Katy Stein, Seth Quidachay-Swan, Christina Tsou, Stefanie Weigmann, and Clare Willis, and the committee is chaired by Jessica Wimer.

The committee focused on three areas: (1) reviewing the Faculty Services Committee website and recommending changes and updates, (2) updating the 2005 Faculty Services Survey and distributing a new survey, and (3) planning the 2013 Annual Meeting’s Faculty Services Roundtable.

The first task was reviewing the current ALL-SIS Faculty Services website to assess whether any changes should be made when the website moves to a new format. The committee identified a number of suggestions for improvements, but since the status of the ALL-SIS website migration is still being finalized, these suggestions will be passed along to next year’s committee for review.

Second, the committee decided to update the 2005 Faculty Services Survey and distribute a new survey to the ALL-SIS community. Changes in technology have caused significant changes in library services in the past few years, making a new survey relevant and informative. After reviewing feedback provided in the original survey, the committee decided to shorten the survey in addition to updating the questions. The revised survey was distributed May 15, 2013, and within the first week the committee received 50 responses.

Finally, the committee planned the Faculty Services Roundtable for the 2013 Annual Meeting. The following five topics will be discussed: (1) marketing library services to faculty, (2) instructing faculty on new ways to access traditional resources (e.g. WestlawNext, Lexis Advance, library catalogs using discovery platforms, etc.), (3) roles librarians can/should play in assisting faculty with substantive course content, (4) emerging issues with distance learning (from working with faculty and LLM students, to training RAs who are off-sight), and (5) promoting faculty scholarship and online repositories. The 2013 Faculty Services Roundtable will be on Sunday, July 14th, at 12:30. We look forward to a good turnout and to discussing these topics.


Colleen Manning
Florida Coastal School of Law
Library & Technology Center

This year, the Membership Committee was re-created as a separate Committee. It was formerly combined with the ALL-NEW Committee. The Chairs for both the Membership and ALL-NEW Committees determined the best way to maintain a healthy relationship between the two Committees was to have each Chair serve as a member of the other Committee. This worked well and we recommend that this collaboration be continued in the future.

The Membership Committee updated the “Welcome Kit” that is sent to each new member of our Special Interest Section. In the past, new members would be identified from the AALL E-Newsletter. The Committee worked with AALL Headquarters to determine a more thorough and timely method to identify new members to our Special Interest Section. New members can now be identified by an ALL-SIS Executive Board Member by searching the ALL-SIS roster maintained by AALL Headquarters. The Secretary-Treasurer, Meg Butler, ran the list approximately every month enabling the Committee to send the “Welcome Kit” in a timely manner. The instructions for running the roster search will be maintained and communicated to each incoming Chair of the Membership Committee.

The Membership Committee is charged with spotlighting members in the ALL-SIS Newsletter. Formerly, as the Membership Committee was combined with the ALL-NEW Committee, the spotlight was always about a brand new member to the Special Interest Section. The Committee intends to expand the spotlight to include not only brand new members but also members that have been with the Special Interest Section a while. Two members of our Special Interest Section are spotlighted in this edition of the Newsletter.

While two of our Committee members are now on sabbatical, the remaining members are working to create suggestions for a “New Members” section of the ALL-SIS Website that will include information from the “Welcome Kit,” the ALL-SIS brochure, and an invitation to contact any of the members of the Membership Committee with questions.

Finally, while the Public Relations Committee is responsible for the Special Interest Section Table in the exhibit hall during the annual meeting, the members of the Membership Committee decided that attending members of our Committee should commit to help staff the Table as much as possible.

Respectively Submitted,

Colleen Manning, Chair; Lisa Parisi, Nona Beisenherz, Sarah Gotschall, Adeen Postar, Carissa Vogel


Barbara Gellis Traub
St. John’s University
Rittenberg Law Library

The 2012 - 2013 Newsletter Committee consisted of Barbara Gellis Traub, Chair, Rittenberg Law Library, St. John‘s University School of Law; Yasmin Sokkar Harker, CUNY Law School Library; I-Wei Wang, U.C. Berkeley School of Law Library; Margaret Schilt, University of Chicago D'Angelo Law Library; Thomas Sneed, Emory University, Hugh F. MacMillan Law Library; Theodora Belniak, S.U.N.Y. Buffalo Charles B. Sears Law Library; Taryn Rucinski, Pace University School of Law Library; and Karen Schneiderman, University of Hawaii School of Law Library. Our Board Liaison was Leah Sandwell-Weiss. The three regular issues this year were published on October 11, 2012, March 6, 2013, and approximately June 27, 2013; the election issue was published on March 11, 2013.

Highlights of this year’s issues:

  • At the suggestion of committee member Thomas Sneed, we inaugurated a new column, “The Collaborative Law Librarian,” which Thomas has written and will continue to write. The column is to be shared with authors from the PLL-SIS as an exchange of information.
  • Committee members and 7 other ALL-SIS members wrote articles covering more than 13 programs and other activities at the 2012 Annual Meeting in Boston (Fall issue).
  • In addition to our regular columns, the Winter issue published 4 articles submitted by non-Committee members. These articles covered “Teaching Legal Research and Writing to International Students” (Ingrid Mattson, Ohio State Moritz Law Library); Researching the Financial Crisis (Gail Whittemore, Pace Law Library); video collections on demand (Terry McCormack, S.U.N.Y. Buffalo Law Library); and “A Caveat to the Past” (Christine George, S.U.N.Y. Buffalo Law Library).
  • Articles in the Spring/Summer issue include an “Update on Proposed Revisions to ABA Standard 603” (Scott Pagel, George Washington Jacob Burns Law Library); the new ALL-SIS Scholarly Writing Mentor Program (Carla P. Wale, Northern Illinois Shapiro Law Library); a “New Website for State Online Legal Information” (Deborah Norwood, George Washington Jacob Burns Law Library); and Harvard’s Outreach Showcase Showdown held in March (Lisa Junghahn, Harvard Law Library).

Committee members again contributed welcome advice (including much critical proofreading) and articles:

  • Yasmin continued “Law Librarian in the Dark” (a favorite of mine) in the Fall, Winter, and Spring/Summer issues with reviews of the TV series Battlestar Galactica, Exit Through the Gift Shop: A Bansky Film, and Ken Burns: The Central Park Five. The review of Exit Through the Gift Shop: A Bansky Film was written by guest columnist Alex Berrio Matamoros (C.U.N.Y. School of Law Library).
  • I-Wei continued the “Survey Roundup” in the Spring/Summer issue.
  • Thomas inaugurated the “Collaborative Law Librarian” column which appeared in Fall, Winter, and Spring/Summer issues.
  • Margaret updated us on the work of the ALL-SIS Task Forces during the 2012-2013 academic year.
  • Theo reviewed 2012 Annual Meeting (AM) programs about E-stats (A-4) and dealing with stress.
  • Taryn reviewed “The New FDLP” program from the Annual Meeting, and contributed an article about the new FOIAOnline.
  • Thomas reviewed an AM program about Law Library Research Assistant Programs.
  • Yasmin reviewed AM program J-1 about Teaching though Questions and Controversy.

Again this year, we had a good number of articles submitted by librarians who were not on the Newsletter Committee. I hope this trend continues in the future. Reviews of 2012 Annual Meeting programs were written by Ingrid Mattson, David Lehmann, Christine George, Jennifer Allison (2 reviews), Kelly Leong, Jennifer Mart-Rice, Steven Miller, and Kumar Jayasuria. Articles published in the Winter and Spring/Summer issues are highlighted above.

A major housekeeping matter was the collection of all print copies of the Newletter in order for them to be posted to Spinelli’s Law Library Reference Shelf on HeinOnline. We were able to obtain all issues since the inception of the newsletter, with the exception of Volume 1, and Volume 2, Issue 1. According to Richard Spinelli from HeinOnline the collection will be released June 30, 2013.

Thank you to all the authors, whether members of the committee or not. Your work and scholarship is greatly appreciated by colleagues, I am sure. Finally, thanks go to Leah and the ALL-SIS Board for support and guidance during the 2012-2013 year.

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Gellis Traub
Chair & Editor


Ronald Wheeler
Univ. of San Francisco
Zeif Law Library

The 2012-2013 ALL-SIS Nominations Committee was comprised of three members. Ron Wheeler and Joan Stringfellow were Chair and Vice Chair respectively, and Ed Hart was our third Committee member.

The Committee started its work in late November. Last year, the Committee had seven members, but on the advice of the ALL-SIS Chair, the Committee Chair reduced that number to three. The Chair made sure all three chosen members were willing to participate, and let the others know that they would not be needed this year. The first task confronting the committee was writing the call for nominations. Drawing from the previous year’s call for nominations, the Committee drafted a new one which included more detailed descriptions of the positions available this year (Vice Chair/Chair Elect and Member-at-large).

After the call for nominations was sent to the ALL-SIS membership the next step was to choose the candidates for this year’s election. Criteria normally considered when selecting candidates include geographic diversity, previous work for ALL-SIS and AALL, length of ALL-SIS membership, and anything demonstrating the ability to responsibly serve as an officer. Additionally, this year, the Chair expressed a desire to provide opportunities for participation to newer members or members who have not had the chance to become more involved. People who have recently served as officers or in other leadership capacities were excluded in the interest of making sure such positions are accessible to others.

The Committee received numerous nominations for each position. The collection of nominees was as geographically diverse as possible with no adjustments from the Committee. All nominees were highly qualified. At the same time all of the nominees had demonstrated a commitment to serving AALL and ALL-SIS. As a result, weeding nominees was fairly difficult.

The Committee chose two names for each office to forward to the Secretary/Treasurer for the election. Nonetheless, the nominations process went very well and we were fortunate to have a uniformly well-qualified list of nominees. The final slate was as follows:

  • For Vice-Chair/Chair Elect the candidates were:
    • Elizabeth Outler - University of Florida
    • Christine Hepler - University of Maine

  • For Member-at-Large the candidates were:
    • Cindy Guyer - University of Southern California
    • Susan David deMaine - Indiana University-Indianapolis

As Chair I would like to take this opportunity to thank my Committee for their hard work and, above all else, responsiveness. Their willingness and enthusiasm for serving made my job both easy and pleasurable.


Shannon S. Burchard
Univ. of San Francisco
Zief Law Library

Programs Committee members Shannon Burchard (Chair), Yasmin Sokkar Harker (Vice-Chair), David Armond, John Cannan, Christine Hepler, Elizabeth Outler, and Kate Irwin-Smiler worked diligently to review and provide feedback for 7 proposed programs and workshops from the ALL-SIS membership submitted for the 2013 AALL Annual Meeting. Of those for which the committee provided feedback, one program and one workshop were tentatively accepted. The accepted workshop is: W2: Classroom Makeover: Renovate Your Class with Technology That Promotes Hands-On Learning

Additionally, ALL-SIS, by separate review, accepted A7: It's All About the Money: Rethinking the Way We Teach Cost-Effective Legal Research

With the changes in programing made by the AMPC, the Programs Committee was asked to be flexible with the new process. Where in the past, the committee offered priority ranking to programs submitted to the AMPC, it was asked to act in an advisory role. The committee promoted on the listserve the submission of programs and offered our services for review and editing. Additionally, we were asked to submit only one ALL-SIS sponsored program to the conference.

For the up-coming year, the committee should be able to revise the committee handbook in light of the AMPC changes as there is now one year of the new system to use for guidance.

Student Services

Morgan M. Stoddard
Georgetown Law Library

The ALL-SIS Student Services Committee had a productive year and its members worked diligently on four projects, described in detail below.

Meeting the Needs of Students and Their Future Employers

Maureen Cahill, Patricia Dickerson, and Erin Schlicht coordinated with the ALL-SIS Task Force on Identifying Skills & Knowledge for Legal Practice to develop a great program for the annual meeting, “Meeting the Needs of Students and Their Future Employers: Discussions on Legal Research Instruction and Student Services Inspired by Practitioner Feedback.” This program will begin with a panel discussion of a recent survey of librarians and legal practitioners about research skills and training and access to and use of research resources. The panel will be followed by roundtable discussions of how the survey results inform considerations of the law school curriculum, advanced legal research courses, and other research instruction. The program will take place on Tuesday, July 16, 10:15am-11:45am. We hope to see you there!

Student Services Websites & User Guides

Frances Brillantine and Jennifer Prilliman updated the committee’s former “Bank of Sample Student Services Documents” and transformed it into a new collection, “Student Services Websites & User Guides.” This new resource, available on the committee’s website ( documents.asp), will enable librarians to readily locate information on the various services offered to students at different law school libraries.

Student Services Toolkit

Amy Ash, Rob Beharriell, Heather Casey, Stacy Etheredge, and Morgan Stoddard worked on creating a Student Services Toolkit. The Toolkit will contain a wealth of information, including information on services offered to students, job descriptions of student services positions, marketing to students, and a bibliography. Work on the Toolkit is in progress, and it will eventually be posted to the committee’s website.

Student Services Online Discussion

In March 2013, the committee hosted an online discussion on the ALL-SIS listserv about student services. The discussion covered several topics, such as orientation activities, outreach to student organizations, and mobile technology, and participants shared many excellent ideas. The discussion was coordinated by Rob Beharriell, Heather Casey, and Morgan Stoddard, and the questions and responses will be posted to the com mittee’s website.

Committee Members: Morgan M. Stoddard, Chair (Georgetown University), Frances Brillantine, Vice Chair (Catholic University), Amy D. Ash (Thomas M. Cooley Law School), Rob Beharriell (Nova Southeastern University), Maureen Cahill (University of Georgia), Heather Casey (Georgetown University), Patricia Dickerson (North Carolina Central University), Stacy Etheredge (West Virginia University), Jennifer S. Prilliman (Oklahoma City University), Erin Schlicht (University of Minnesota).

Task Force on Scholarly Communication

Michelle Pearse, Harvard Law School Library

As of the time of this newsletter, the Scholarly Communication Task Force was finalizing the report required by it’s charge with review by members, other contributors, and other entities identified for potential partnering in activities. Major themes emanating of the recommendations are: law-specific education/training; consumer advocacy; facilitating existing projects by member motivation and collaboration; and serving as an information clearing-house and discussion facilitator for collaborative activities and information sharing.

A web page was created for sharing information from the report, including appendices, tables, etc. At some point, this page could be adapted and/or migrated to the AALLNet server (and the ALL-SIS website) with certain sections even password-protected and to some other more easily editable and collaborative form such as a wiki. There is also a pre-populated Zotero group library which includes references cited in the report as well as additional readings.

Pending final approval, some general recommendations from the report include:

  • Continue with website/clearinghouse for use by ALL-SIS members. It could be easily editable by all ALL-SIS members and AALL members more generally.
  • Appoint standing committee or continuing task force to move forward with some of the recommendations of this report. This group could include chairs from existing committees and groups (e.g. faculty services, programs, continuing education, collection development, Bluebook, liaison to ABA and AALS).
  • Explore professional development programming recommendations in conjunction with planning programs for next year’s annual meeting.

The task force looks forward to review of the report by the Board, as well as feedback and action items on the recommendations.

Task Force on the Use of Mobile Technology

Jennifer L. Wondracek, University of Florida Legal Information Center

The ALL-SIS Task Force on the Use of Mobile Technology was charged to “draft a report to help academic law libraries evaluate mobile technologies and determine how to best use them to meet the needs of their patrons.” After a year of hard work, the Task Force completed its study and drafted a white paper entitled Evaluating Mobile Technology: The Formula for Success. The paper and five accompanying Excel spreadsheets were submitted to the ALL-SIS Executive Board on May 14th.

According to the white paper, the first step in successfully evaluating mobile technology is for a library to have a Master Technology Plan. Such a plan includes conducting a S.W.O.T. (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) analysis and drafting a Technology Vision Plan for the library. The Task Force embraced the idea that it is of little use to evaluate technology without first knowing:

  • Why the devices are needed/wanted,
  • How the devices are to be used,
  • Who the users are going to be, and
  • What the other needs the of the library’s patrons are.

Once a Master Technology Plan is adopted, librarians may use the knowledge within this white paper and its accompanying spreadsheets to evaluate and compare different mobile technology devices. Librarians can identify the criteria that are most important to them to make the comparisons and assign them specific weights. The devices are then ranked according to how well the device meets the stated trait or criteria. A formula is provided that calculates which device would be best for the library. All of this is done in spreadsheet format and is explained in the paper. Different spreadsheets have been prepared for tablets, e-readers, and smartphones, as well as one for generic technology.

The paper’s appendices provide suggested technology resources, including online sources for locating information about technology, and the bibliography of articles used in putting the paper together.

The white paper and spreadsheets (with working formulas) should be available for download soon from the ALL-SIS website.

This paper would not have been completed without the hard work of the committee, and I would like to thank all of the committee members: Karina Condra, Whitney Curtis, Jez Gaddoura, Jamie M. Keller, Nichelle J. Perry, Carla Wale, and Michael Whiteman.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: The white paper and accompanying spreadsheets (with working formulas) are now available on the ALL-SIS website at]


Creighton J. Miller, Jr.
Washburn University
School of Law Library

As the ALL-SIS Webmaster for 2012-13, I worked with the Executive Board, Newsletter Editor, and various committees to update and maintain information across the ALL-SIS website. With the support of the Taskforce to Review & Update the ALL-SIS Web Presence, I have also worked to move the section’s web presence onto AALL’s primary web platform, AALLnet. During the summer and fall of 2012, AALL performed an automated migration of SIS websites into its Symplicity content management system (CMS) and provided training webinars for SIS webmasters. Since that time, I have been diligently cleaning up hundreds of pages of ALL-SIS web content, arranging them within the CMS’s unique file structure, and adjusting the graphics and layout to work with AALLnet display templates. This process is ongoing, but should be completed during the summer of 2013. When the migration is complete and the new site is launched, the section’s online content will be linked more closely to the AALL brand and should fit more comfortably within the AALLnet structure. Among other benefits, this will allow AALL members to access most ALL-SIS resources using their general membership login credentials, rather than the separate username and password employed over the past three years.


Historical Committee Reports: