Internships & Exchanges


Clearinghouse for Internships & International Personnel Exchanges

The Foreign Comparative and International Law Special Interest Section of the American Association of Law Libraries recognizes an increasing need among our members to gain experience in working with foreign legal information sources and to develop personal and professional relationships with law librarians around the world. Through the Clearinghouse for Internships & International Personnel Exchanges we seek to channel information to interested law librarians on opportunities to visit libraries abroad.

If you are interested in participating in an exchange or visit, please see the listing of results from our survey. If you are willing to host an exchange or a visitor in your library, we ask for your time in filling out the committee's questionnaire and return it to the attention of David McFadden, Southwestern University School of Law Library.

Lastly, we have reports, articles and other testimonials from law librarians who have participated in visits and exchanges. Please contact the Clearinghouse Chair to add your experiences.