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Website Committee

The Website Committee is responsible for keeping the FCIL-SIS website current, relevant, and fresh by posting announcements and events to the homepage and elsewhere on the website. We also post material and updates to the various pages on behalf of our colleagues in the FCIL-SIS.

The Committee is chaired by Alison Shea. Alison oversees the website generally and specifically works on the Teaching FCIL page.  

Deborah Schander focuses on the Newsletter page but does some general posting, too.

Harvey Morrell posts generally to the site, as does Teresa Miguel-Stearns (ex-officio for the 2014-15 year).

If you have material that needs to be posted, or questions about the website, or would like to join the website committee, please email Alison.  This committee generally does not meet during AALL because we communicate so frequently during the year.