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Manufacturer/Vendor Licenses

The M/AV-SIS inquiry into how electronic licensing impacts the use and availability of AV materials began with asking a question out of simple intellectual curiosity. Is the "home distribution" notice that accompanies DVD's sufficient to create a license independent of copyright? Though the notice has never been litigated, the short answer is "probably not, it just restates copyright" and said notice has no impact on M/AV-SIS members' ability to use and provide AV materials.

In other contexts (e.g., streaming video), however, licenses narrow or at least purport to narrow limits that would otherwise apply to the copyright owner, particularly the fair use limitation. Fair use is a defense to copyright infringement, not a defense to a breach of contract claim. That a particular use would otherwise be "fair" is irrelavent if the scope can be limited by contract. It is currently unclear to what extent fair use can be bargained away.

More detail will be added to this section over time.

Creative Commons Licensing

A Creative Commons license encourages content sharing, but it works within the boundaries of copyright law. It is an agreement between the copyright holder and the user to affirmatively permit certain kinds of uses. There are several different types of licenses. There are also "ported" licenses for specific jurisdictions, though anyone in any jurisdiction may use the unported versions of the licenses.

For a more detailed explanation of using Creative Commons licenses, you can view a series of short videos based on the M/AV-SIS 2012 AALL Annual Meeting program on the topic. For links to the licenses, choosing the appropriate licenses, and common sources of Creative Commons material, see below.

Specific Types of United States Ported Creative Commons Licenses

The Creative Commons "License Deed" is a "human-readable summary"¹   while the "Legal Code" is the full text of the license.

Choosing the right Creative Commons license for your own use

Creative Commons License Chooser

Crediting Creative Commons materials created by others

Best Practices for Marking Content with CC Licenses: Users

Common sources for downloading Creative Commons material

¹  Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) License Deed, CC-BY-3.0