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Legal Website of the Month

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July 2016

This month's website is:


LawCite is a free citation service for case law, giving reported and unreported citations and provides links to cases available in full on the world's Legal Information Institutes. LawCite is useful in the context of a particular legal decision or law journal article. It will help you to locate and find a copy of a decision by citation, party names, jurisdiction, court, year or any combination of these. The system includes a relatively complete set of parallel citations and allows for things like alternative spelling of party names. It will also help you to see how a decision has been subsequently treated. The current emphasis is on common law countries, but this is being gradually extended to include civil law jurisdictions.

Legal Websites of the Month Archive

As a service to OBS-SIS members, a MARC record of a legal website is distributed on the OBS-SIS discussion list each month. We encourage you to try it out and see if your library might want to include it in your online catalog.

The links below each site name will connect you to the MARC record for the resource.  From the record you can view the website itself by following the links, or view the MARC tagging format by exporting the record and selecting the appropriate MARC format.  Website suggestions and cataloging questions should be addressed to Keiko Okuhara.