Joint Research Grant General Information 2013/2014




Joint Research Grant General Information 2013/2014

Rev. 03/2014

This information will help applicants to determine if their research can be supported by the OBS/TS Joint Research Grant Committee. If after reading through the information below, you wish to apply for the grant, please contact the current Chair of JRGC, Kerry Skinner by email at

See also JRGC Application Process and Guidelines and the Joint Research Grant Application Form available online.


The purpose of this grant is to provide support necessary for technical services law librarians to perform research which will enhance law librarianship in service to our clients.


The goal of JRGC is to award grants in a single year ranging in amount of no more than $1,000 at the discretion of JRGC, --and-- pending approval of each grant amount each year as authorized by OBS and TS Executive Boards. Grant recipients will be announced at the annual AALL meeting. Award amounts will be mailed to successful grant recipients as soon as final approval is received by the JRGC Chair.


A. Preference for grant awards will be given to current members of OBS or TS SIS, but shall not be limited to those SISs. Evidence that the research and publication will directly or indirectly benefit technical services law librarianship must be shown.

B. Applicants must be members of AALL.

C. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply. Participation in this program shall not be denied to any applicant on account of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability or sexual orientation.

D. Preference will be given to projects which can be completed in the U.S. or Canada, although foreign research projects will be given consideration.

E. Although the research may be conducted in a language other than English, grant recipients must furnish a copy of the research and final work in English to the JRGC.

F. Applicants must submit a letter of reference from a minimum of 2 persons who are knowledgeable of the applicant's character, education and abilities.

G. Applicants must demonstrate the ability to undertake and complete the project. References and/or citations to similar projects will help the JRGC members to determine this ability.


All documentation for applying for the Joint Research Grant must be submitted to the JRGC Chair by 11:59pm on April 30th, 2014 .

Terms of the Grant

A. Grant recipients must submit a brief interim report to the JRGC by June 15th of the year following their grant award. The report should detail the progress of the research, tasks completed, tasks yet to complete, and state any unanticipated problems and proposed schedule revisions. A written status report may also be requested at any time by the JRGC. These reports may be published in TSLL at the discretion of JRGC.

B. On completion of the project, the grant recipient must furnish a copy of the final work in English to the JRGC.

C. If the final product of the research is subsequently published in any format, that recognition of OBS and TS SISs support be acknowledged in the work.

D. If the project is not completed, nor completion date extended so it will be completed, grant recipient will return full grant amount to JRGC within 30 days of the agreed upon completion date.

If you have any questions about the JRGC grant please contact the current Chair of JRGC, Kerry Skinner by email at