PLL/SIS Records/Conflicts Management Group


 PLL/SIS Records/Conflicts Management Group


The PLL/SIS Records/Conflicts Management Group is comprised of librarians who are responsible for managing records and/or conflicts departments in their firms and corporations.


The Records Management Group began meeting informally at the AALL meeting in Minneapolis in 1990. The group continued to meet for the next two years, as required to achieve formal status. At the AALL meeting in Boston in 1993, the group was formally recognized.


Lee Nemchek currently serves as Chair.


MEETINGS: The group holds a business meeting each year at the AALL meeting, and since 1994 has sponsored several substantive programs at AALL. In recent years the group sponsored a daylong workshop at the Anaheim annual meeting (1998) on basic legal records management practices and procedures, and sessions on multitasking private law library managers at both the Philadelphia (2000) and Seattle (2003) annual meetings.

NEWSLETTER COLUMN: The Chair contributes regular columns to the Section's quarterly newsletter, PLL Perspectives.

LISTSERV: The Records Management Group of PLL has an official listserv, legalrec, which serves both PLL members and legal records managers in the community at large. Lee Nemchek is the current list owner. To subscribe, log on to the internet url: .  Follow the instructions on the page, and click "subscribe."   You will receive two confirming emails: one to confirm your intent to subscribe, and a second to confirm that your subscription has been successfully entered.  Once subscribed, address postings to


2001-02 Annual Report  
2002-03 Annual Report

2003-04 Annual Report


PUBLICATIONS: The new textbook entitled "Records Management in the Legal Environment: A Handbook of Practice and Procedure," co-authored by Lee Nemchek, was published by ARMA International in October 2003.  Over four years in the making, this treatise is the only up-to-date, comprehensive work on this subject. Cost is $89.00 for ARMA members, $129.00 for non-members.  Order online at

(1) The Records Management Group sponsored a program for the2004 AALL annual conference in Boston entitled "Legal Research for Conflicts Searching."  Gitelle Seer, Directory of Library Services at Dewey Ballantine was the speaker. This program focused on specific strategies that librarians use when researching potential conflicts of interest among parent and subsidiary companies and other complex entities.

*****See Gitelle's PowerPoint Presentation   (Adobe Acrobat) (Microsoft PowerPoint)*****

(2) Lee Nemchek will be a speaker at the Regional Educational Conference of the Association of Legal Administrators on October 8, 2004 in Los Angeles.  The session, entitled "Law Firm Retention Schedules," will run from 1:45-3:15pm.  The program covers the development of client, administrative, electronic, and vital record retention schedules in the law firm setting, including policies, procedures, and best practices.



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