PLL-SIS Records/Conflicts Management Group



The PLL/SIS Records/Conflicts Management Group is comprised of librarians who are responsible for managing records and/or conflicts departments in their firms and corporations.


The Records Management Group began meeting informally at the AALL meeting in Minneapolis in 1990. The group continued to meet for the next two years, as required to achieve formal status. At the AALL meeting in Boston in 1993, the group was formally recognized.


Diane E. Gates
Global Records and Docket Manager
Latham & Watkins LLP
555 West Fifth Street, Suite 800
Los Angeles, CA 90013-1010
Direct Dial: +1.213.891.7169
Fax: +1.213.891.7123


MEETINGS: The group holds a business meeting each year at the AALL meeting, and has sponsored six substantive programs at AALL over the past ten years, including the following: a daylong workshop on basic legal records management practices and procedures (1998); sessions on multitasking private law library managers (2000 and 2003); a program on corporate family conflicts of interest research (2004); a program on outsourcing information resources functions (2005); and the recent 2007 program entitled "The Challenge of Electronic Discovery: How Reference Service, Records Management and Litigation Support Interact.�

NEWSLETTER COLUMN: The Chair contributes regular columns to the Section's quarterly newsletter, PLL Perspectives.

LISTSERV: The Records Management Group of PLL uses a LinkedIn Group instead of an official listserv, which was previously legalrec, so that non-AALL members can join in the discussions. The LinkedIn group called PLL/SIS Records/Conflicts Management Group can be accessed at:


2001-02 Annual Report  
2002-03 Annual Report

2003-04 Annual Report
2004-05 Annual Report
2005-06 Annual Report
2007-08 Annual Report
2010-11 Annual Report
2011-12 Annual Report



(1) A supplement to the textbook entitled "Records Management in the Legal Environment: A Handbook of Practice and Procedure," covering new developments in staffing, retention and disposition, mobility and other risk management issues, conflicts and client/matter intake, electronic records management, and RIM technologies, is planned for a Fall 2012 publication date.
(2) AALL 2012 Program Submissions: Two program proposals were submitted, but not accepted - �Searching Beyond the Conflicts Database: An Update on Sources to Flesh Out a Conflicts or Due Diligence Search� and �The Law Firm Librarian as Records Manager - A Primer�.
(3) Nemchek, Lee, Records Management Responsibilities of Law Librarians: Integrating Library Services Into a Legal Organization�s RIM Program, 16 AALL Spectrum 9 (November 2011), no. 2.