Multitasking Networking Directory and Salary Survey 1999





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This survey collects directory, multitasking, and salary data for use by private law librarians who manage administrative departments in addition to the library. The data will be used (1) to create a new, up-to-date networking directory of multitasking private law librarians, and (2) to compile and present statistical information regarding the relationship between multitasking and salary.

As with all salary surveys, anonymity is a matter of concern to many respondents. In order to gather both directory and salary information using one survey instrument while still preserving anonymity, this survey may be completed in two parts. If desired, complete and return Parts I and II, which gather directory and multitasking information, together. Parts III through VI collect multitasking, demographic and salary data absent identifying information; if desired, complete and return these parts separately. Salary data will be kept completely confidential; no respondents or employers will be named in any report (published or unpublished) resulting from this survey.

Upon completion of this project, the new networking directory and salary survey data will be made available to participating private law librarians and interested others in a format or formats yet to be determined.

Please complete and return this survey via email, fax or U.S. mail by to:

Lee R. Nemchek MLS, CRM
Information Resources Manager
Morrison & Foerster LLP
555 W. Fifth Street, Suite 3500
Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 892-5359 phone; (323) 210-1237 fax

Direct all questions and/or comments regarding this project to Lee R. Nemchek.

Part I. Directory Information

Firm Name:
Firm Address:



Part II. Multitasking Functional Areas

Use the functional area descriptions listed below to determine/define the scope of your current multitasking activities, and place a check next to each area that falls under your managerial jurisdiction.

____ Library: management of the law library, either as a solo practitioner or with staff assistance
____ Records Management: active and/or inactive (archival storage) records management, in centralized and/or decentralized settings
____ Conflicts: functional area responsible for receiving conflict of interest information, running conflict reports, compiling corporate family information and, in some firms, analyzing reports and assisting attorneys with conflicts resolution
____ New Business: the new client/new matter opening process
____ Docket/Calendar: department responsible for creating and maintaining case, trial, office, and/or individual attorneys’ calendars and docket sheets; may also include oversight of the attorney/court services function, including the provision of specialized court rule and procedure information
____ Marketing: may also be referred to as Client Relations, Public Relations, or Competitive Intelligence
____ Technology: variously known as Information Technology (IT), Information Systems (IS), Technology Services (TS), or Management Information Systems (MIS); manager may have title of Chief Information Officer (CIO)


Part II. Multitasking Functional Areas (continued)


____ Knowledge Management: a hybrid discipline drawn from multiple departments, including Marketing, Technology and Information Resources (Library, Records, Docket); manager may have title of Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO)
____ Attorney Recruiting: recruiting for all categories of legal personnel, including lateral partners, associates, of counsel, law clerks and/or summer associates; may include coordinating the firm’s summer associate program
____ Human Resources: may also be referred to as Personnel; includes recruiting for various categories of non-legal personnel, such as secretaries, receptionists, accounting clerks, etc.; may include responsibility for hiring, counseling, writing performance reviews, terminations, and overall staffing and workflow coordination
____ Legal Assistant Supervision: managing/supervising/coordinating the deployment of legal assistants, as a function separate from Human Resources; may or may not be limited to certain departments (e.g., litigation, corporate, real estate, tax, etc.)
____ Continuing Legal Education: may also be referred to as Training or Attorney Training; responsibility for creating and coordinating programs to provide and track continuing legal education for attorneys; does not include basic technology training (e.g., word processing) or online research training typically provided by librarians (e.g., Lexis, Westlaw, internet, etc.)
____ Purchasing: responsibility for purchasing of and inventory control for general and/or specialized office supplies, printed materials and stationery, small office equipment, etc.; may include negotiating contracts with vendors who supply products and services
____ Facilities: responsibility for maintenance of the physical site(s) occupied by a law office; typically includes purchasing, servicing, and deployment of furnishings and equipment, internal and external office moves, allocation and oversight of internal space
____ Office Services: responsibility for mail, messenger, courier, reproduction, facsimile and catering services; may include negotiating contracts with vendors who supply products and services
____ Transportation Management: creation and management of employee transportation programs, including various forms of ridesharing, telecommuting, flexible scheduling, etc.
____ Other (please specify):


Part III. Multitasking/Multioffice Information

Check all departments/functions that fall under your management, indicating the number of offices you serve.

Indicate the number of staff under your management by department (all offices).






One Office

Two Offices

Three Offices

Four+ Offices





Records Management




New Business








Knowledge Management


Attorney Recruiting


Human Resources


Legal Assistant Supervision


Continuing Legal Education






Office Services


Transportation Management


Other (specify below )




Part IV. Demographic Information

Number of attorneys in whole firm:
Number of attorneys in resident office:
Years in current position:
Total years of library experience:
Sex: M F


Degrees earned/certifications held (check all that apply):


B.A. J.D.
M.A. Ph.D.
M.B.A. Other (specify below ):
Other Master’s


Professional association memberships (check all that apply):


PLL Special Interest Section
Legal Division
Association of Records Managers & Administrators (ARMA)
Legal Services Industry Specific Group
Association of Legal Administrators
American bar Association
Other (specify):


Part V.  Salary Survey. Optional; note, however, that salary data for multitasking/ multioffice private law librarians does not currently exist. Your participation will help ensure that administrators responsible for setting/increasing your salary will have accurate, relevant data on which to rely.

Provide exact salary figure or check appropriate range for base salary as of 10/1/99.

Exact Base Salary: $ ________ or
Base Salary Ranges:

Under $ 30,000

$ 75,000 - $ 79,999

$ 30,000 - $ 34,999

$ 80,000 - $ 84,999

$ 35,000 - $ 39,999

$ 85,000 - $ 85,999

$ 40,000 - $ 44,999

$ 90,000 - $ 94,999

$ 45,000 - $ 49,000

$ 95,000 - $ 99,999

$ 50,000 - $ 54,999

$100,000 - $104,999

$ 55,000 - $ 59,999

$105,000 - $109,999

$ 60,000 - $ 64,999

$110,000 - $114,999

$ 65,000 - $ 69,999

$115,000 - $119,999

$ 70,000 - $ 74,999

$120,000 and Over





Part VI. Geographic location. Check one box only.


New England (VT, NH, ME, MA, CT, RI)

[ ]


[ ]

Middle Atlantic (NY, NJ, PA, MD, DE, DC)

[ ]

New York City

[ ]


[ ]

Washington DC, Metro MD, Metro VA

[ ]

South Atlantic (VA Excluding Metro DC, WV, NC, SC, GA, FL)

[ ]


[ ]

East South Central (KY, TN, MS, AL)

[ ]

West South Central (TX, OK, AR, LA)

[ ]

Dallas/Ft. Worth

[ ]


[ ]

East North Central (WI, MI, IL, IN, OH)

[ ]


[ ]


[ ]

West North Central (ND, MN, IA, MO, KS, NE, SD)

[ ]

Minneapolis/St. Paul

[ ]

Mountain (MT. ID, WY, NV, UT, CO, AZ, NM)

[ ]


[ ]

Pacific (WA, OR, CA, AK, HI)

[ ]

Los Angeles

[ ]

San Francisco/Bay Area/Silicon Valley

[ ]


[ ]